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Market Watch: Are Signature Card values dropping?

Over the last couple of months, we have seen several value drops throughout the DBS CG. Although dips and spikes are expected in any TCG market, it seems that it is mainly the big chase cards that are being hit the hardest. In this article, we will take a look at the Signature Cards and their current values. To keep comparisons consistent, we will focus on PSA 10 graded copies and ungraded copies. 

 Son Goku, Hope of Universe 7  (Signature Card)

There haven’t been many ‘Son Goku, Hope of Universe 7’ on the market in the last month, with the last two PSA 10s, sold by pwcc_auctions, selling on July 27th for $1,875 and $2000. This is the lowest value achieved since the price of the card began to rise in January 2020, which met its all-time peak of $4999 on January 13th. 

June saw PSA 10 sales of $2425 and $1913, while April and May achieved average prices of $3500. Although this shows a clear decline in value, it wouldn’t be the first time that the card has bounced back after seeing a dip, which was the case throughout January and April.

The last raw copies, sold in August, ranged between $641 and $850, which is a significant drop from the prices achieved in June, which all went for around the $1000 mark. 

 Signature Card Market
 Signature Card Market

Beerus, Universe 7 Divine Vanquisher (Signature Card)

PSA 10 copies of ‘Beerus, Universe 7 Divine Vanquisher’ have been incredibly scarce throughout 2021, with April and August seeing almost no sales at all. The last copies to sell in April went for $2,426, which isn’t too far from the $2100 copy sold in August. 

Although graded versions of this card rarely come on the market, raw copies have been more frequent, with those selling in August ranging between $220 and $369. These prices actually show an increase, as ungraded ‘Beerus, Universe 7 Divine Vanquisher’ cards were selling for $209 and $285 in July. 

Universe 7 Saiyan Prince Vegeta  (Signature Card)

The last PSA 10 ‘Universe 7 Saiyan Prince Vegeta’ to sell went for $2280, which is slightly more than the $1776 achieved in July but far less than the $3000 average market price seen throughout March and April. 

In August, this card was selling for around $330, with some selling for as high as $554, while July saw sales between $400 and $550. Due to their scarcity at the time, the prices that some Signature Cards achieve can often be higher than the current market guide. For some collectors, spending the extra money is worth it if it means they can secure the card, as they don’t know when their next chance to buy it will be. 

 Signature Card Market

Frieza, Emperor of Universe 7 (Signature Card)

‘Frieza, Emperor of Universe 7’ has seen a significant drop in value in the past couple of months, with sales going from $1925 and $1700 in April to $840 in July and $1000 in August. 

The latest raw copies to sell through TCG Player and eBay have gone for around $350, which is an increase from the $200 and $265 range seen in July. 

SS2 Trunks, Memories of the Past (Signature Card)

PSA 10 graded copies of ‘SS2 Trunks, Memories of the Past’ have been seeing a slow decline in value since April and doesn’t seem to be recovering. On April 1st, the average value was around $2000, which then dropped to $1800 by the end of that month. May saw a sale of $1500 but the latest sale, made on August 29th, went for $1171.

August saw raw copies of this card go for $351,$385 and $496, while copies in July sold for between $400 and $480. This shows there has been very little change in value over the last couple of months. With that being said, a copy sold through TCG Player in May went for $586, which shows a substantial decrease in the past four months. 

Hit, Pride of Universe 6 (Signature Card)

Getting a PSA 10 ‘Hit, Pride of Universe 6’ has been one of the most difficult challenges for collectors lately. In fact, the last PSA 10 sales were made in December 2020, which went for $900 and $910. A PSA 9 sold in August for $363, which could indicate the current value is still around the $900 mark. It’s worth noting that there is currently a PSA 10 copy listed for $2453 on eBay, although it is yet to sell. 

A raw copy of ‘Hit, Pride of Universe 6’ sold for $286 on August 12th, while copies sold in July also went for an average of $300. 

Meteoric Energy SSB Vegito (Signature Card)

The last ‘Meteoric Energy SSB Vegito’ sold for $1450 on September 3rd. This is quite a drop from the $2,800 achieved in April, but not as low as the copies sold in 2020, which maxed out at $1100.

On August 23rd, a raw copy sold for $500, which is in line with the two copies sold in July for the same price. 

Dependable Brother Son Gohan (Signature Card)

A PSA 10 ‘Dependable Brother Son Gohan’ sold for $1250 in July, while the copies before it sold for $1453 in May and $1900 in April. This shows another steady decline in price that has happened over the last five months. 

Raw copies of this card have been selling for between $300 and $400 in August, which is around the same price range seen in July. 

It is clear that some Signature Cards have been hit by the recent decrease in market values. This doesn’t mean that prices won’t rise again, which is often the case within thriving TCG marketplaces. Many collectors use times like these as an opportunity to invest – grabbing the cards they want while prices are at their lowest. The last massive spike we saw was in January through to March, when the cost of other big chase cards, such as ‘Son Goku, the Awakened Power’ and ‘Son Goku & Vegeta, Apex of Power’, reached their peak values (to date). 

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