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Market Watch – Sealed Booster Box Values

As out of print boosters get older, they get increasingly harder to obtain. Because of this, some of the cards in those sets are extremely valuable and have become popular chase cards for collectors. With that being said, keeping an entire booster box sealed can be far more valuable than cracking it open, despite the potential cards that could be pulled. In this article, we will take a look at the rarest sealed boosters and their current values.

The Tournament of Power

The first booster in the DBS CG followed the Dragon Ball Super story arc of the same name, The Tournament of Power. Sealed booster boxes were selling for $5000 in May, but that price dropped to around $4423 at the beginning of July and dipped further to $3686 by the end of that month. On August 12th, the price seemingly bounced back with a sale of $4000 but took another dip by the end of that month with average sales of around $3000, which has continued into September. 

Booster Box Value

Among the most sought after cards in The Tournament of Power set are the first four Signature cards and ‘Son Goku, The Awakened Power’, which is considered by many to be the most valuable card pulled from a pack.

Universal Onslaught

June saw Universal Onslaught booster boxes maxing out at $1843, which was up from the $1200 value achieved in May. July held a middle ground of around $1500, while August and September have seen sales of $1175, $1204 and $1250

Booster Box Value

Some of the most sought after cards from the Universal Onslaught booster set are the ‘Iconic Attack Rares’, which focuses on some of Dragon Ball’s most iconic characters unleashing their most deadly attacks. These cards became so popular among fans that Bandai decided to include them in the Collector’s Selection Vol. 1. ‘Son Goku & Vegeta, Apex of Power’ is the most valuable card that can be pulled from this set. To learn more about the current value of this card, head over to our article here

Assault of the Saiyans 

The Assault of the Saiyans booster boxes have been selling for between $820 and $1253 throughout August. By the end of August and the beginning of September, however, the value has dropped to an average of $750. The listings on TCG Player match this, although the current eBay listings are asking for around $1000. 

Booster boxes of Assault of the Saiyans have been growing in value throughout 2021, with collectors even buying out the ‘Universe 6 Assailants’ Expert Deck just to get their hands on the booster packs inside. The most valuable cards from this set are the second lot of Signature Cards. If you would like to know the most current values for all of the Signature cards, head over to our market analysis here

Destroyer Kings Booster Box

In June, a sealed box of Destroyer Kings sold for $726. In July, we saw sales of $630 and $850, with box values in August also maxing out at $850. September has seen a slight drop in value, with Destroyer Kings boxes going for between $700 and $800

The Destroyer Kings booster introduced several ‘Agents of Destruction’ cards, as well as several SPRs which all share the same black backgrounds with simple gold foil character portraits on them. The most valuable of these cards is ‘Broly, Ultimate Agent of Destruction’, with a PSA 10 selling for $1412 on August 29th. 

August and September have seen value decreases across the entire DBS CG, with many collectors considering it to be the best time to buy rather than sell. Just like any other thriving TCG market, we have seen dips and spikes throughout the four years the DBS CG has been around and will no doubt increase again in the near future. 

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