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McDonald’s Pokémon 25th Anniversary Promotion Leaked

Mcdonalds 25 pokemon

A McDonald’s promotion in collaboration with The Pokémon Company’s 25th Anniversary has leaked on social media.

Images related to the promotion beginning on 9 February in the United States of America were found at a Mcdonald’s and shared on Twitter.

The images show a range of toys that will be included in Happy Meals as well as 25th Anniversary Pokémon cards with the “25” stamp.

Some of these cards include Pikachu, Litten, Scorbunny, and Chikorita. Each Happy Meal will include a selection of 4 cards from the 8 Pokémon regions so far.

There had been reports that Mcdonald’s would be doing something similar to previous promotions with The Pokémon Company and this leak appears to confirm this.

There is no information on how long the promotion will run for, or if it will make its way outside of the United States.

Earlier this month a promotion with General Mills cereal was announced and there are collaborations with famous music artists such as Katy Perry in the works. What else could be coming to celebrate Pokémon’s 25th birthday?

Update : A McDonalds manager has revealed on E4 forums that each Happy Meal will contain a 4 card booster pack with cards from a 50 card set. There will be 1 holo per pack and the promotion will run from 9 February 2021 until 8 March 2021

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