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McDonald’s Super Dragon Ball Heroes Cards

Although we are yet to see DBS CG cards taking part in McDonald’s promotions, like the Pokemon TCG, it may not be out of the realms of possibility if the TCG continues to grow in popularity. In Japan, special Dragon Ball Heroes promo cards were given out in 2011, 2015 and in 2016 as Happy Meal toys. Could we see similar DBS CG sets in the near future? 

The Super Dragon Ball Heroes cards were released in 2010 and loosely inspired the DBS CG. The game is unique in the way that it is played, as players use their cards with arcade machines to strategize and play through the different Missions. The first set of cards features the Red Ribbon Androids, while the second set introduced the Galaxy Soldiers from the Boujack movie. The third set featured Majin Buu, with the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth bringing the Frieza Force, Slug’s Demon Clan, Lord Slug’s clan, Super Buu and Tapion cards into the game. The game has since gone on to produce a large number of cards based on the movies, Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super series. What is extremely attractive about the Super Dragon Ball Heroes Card Game is that people can play for card prices, that are dispensed from the machine after the game. 

The first McDonald’s set, released in 2011, came with five cards to collect. These included Goku (PM-01), Vegeta (PM-02), Gohan (PM-03), Trunks (PM-04) and Piccolo (PM-05). There is currently an eBay listing for a full set for $70, with singles selling for an average price of $17. 

 Super Dragon Ball Heroes

2015 Set seems to be the least valuable of all the promos, with listings up for $48. The set includes six cards – Goku (GDPM-01), Vegeta (GDPM-02), Beerus (GDPM-03), Whis (GDPM-04), Frieza (GDPM-05) and SSG Goku (GDPM-06). 

 Super Dragon Ball Heroes

The most valuable of the McDonald’s sets is the 2016 one, which is currently listed for $331. This set is made up of SSB Goku (GDPM2-01), SS Vegeta (GDPM2-02), Champa (GDPM2-03), Cabba (GDPM2-04), Frost (GDPM2-05) and Hit (GDPM2-06). 

All of these McDonald’s cards are incredibly rare outside of Japan, with barely any complete sets on the market. These sets didn’t include holos and only had one card added in 2017, which was SSB Goku (PMS-01). Since then, there have been no new McDonald’s promos added, despite the Dragon Ball Heroes game still going strong in Japan, which also has a web series and videos games released on the 3DS and Nintendo Switch. 

We have covered the Japan-exclusive Carddass cards in previous articles, including the new Premium Edition that Bandai are currently taking pre-orders for. To learn more about the early cards and the beginning on Dragon Ball cards, you can head over to our article here

As the DBS CG continues to grow more popular in western countries, and McDonald’s preferring to include more paper-based ‘toys’ to cut down on plastic, there is a chance that we will see DBS CG cards included in Happy Meals in the future. If this does happen, however, could it encourage the scalping behaviour we saw with the Pokemon TCG earlier this year? 

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