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Miraculous Arrival Shenron – Rare Event Promo

I think it’s safe to say that everyone who grew up watching the Dragon Ball series has dreamt of collecting all seven magical Dragon Balls so that Shenron could grant their wish. Although this obviously cannot happen in real life, there have been several fun events that gave fans the closest thing to that experience. One event in particular, which was an Asia exclusive, allowed fans to obtain a very rare Miraculous Arrival Shenron promo card.

In 2019, Bandai held the Dragon Ball World Adventure exhibition, which saw thousands of fans flock to the Dragon Ball Docks at the Hong Kong Times Square shopping centre. This event ran from August 8th to September 1st and was free to enter. Although there was a lot of Dragon Ball merchandise for sale, including exclusive SHFiguarts, Bandai also held a DBS CG event where fans could track down and scan the QR codes of all seven Dragon Balls that were hidden around the venue. Once all of the codes were obtained, those playing could then rush onto the stage and give their best “kamehameha!”. To compensate for the embarrassment, those participating were given the Miraculous Arrival Shenron promo with the words “I will grant you a wish…” printed on it, without any other text. 

Miraculous Arrival Shenron promo

This card was introduced into the DBS CG with the Shenron’s Advent starter deck that was released on November 30th, 2018. The awakened side of the Miraculous Arrival Shenron leader card is identical to the promo version handed out at the event, only it has been stripped of all the text except for the printed text.

The Miraculous Arrival Shenron promo was exclusive to the event at the Times Square shopping centre in Hong Kong, which meant that it got an incredibly limited print. In 2021, finding a copy on the market is almost impossible, with almost no public sales data to verify its current value. 

There is another special Miraculous Arrival Shenron card that was created for the 2018 National Championship, awarded to the finalist of the event. To learn more about this card and all the other prizes awarded at the 2018 National, check out our article here.  

Those attending the Dragon Ball World Adventure event at the Hong Kong Docks could also learn to play with a new Demo Deck which used the ‘Son Gohan & Son Goten, Brotherly Bonds’ Leader card. Another exclusive card that fans could get their hands on is the ‘SSB Gogeta, Fusion Perfected’, which had the event name stamped in gold foil above the card name. Copies of this card are currently selling for around $50

There was also another treasure hunt style game hosted at the 2017 Anime Expo, which allowed fans to solve puzzles to earn a copy of ‘Light Of Hope Trunks’ with the event name printed on it. If you would like to read more, check out our article – 2017 Anime Expo: DBS CG Puzzle Hunt.

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