New Digimon Series – What does this mean for the TCG?

A new Digimon anime, Ghost Game, was announced at DigiFes last week, making it the first original Digimon series in five years. The anime will introduce brand new Tamers and Digimon which will be available on the Vital Bracelet, but what does this mean for the Digimon TCG?

In 2020, the original Digimon series was rebooted with an updated plot and improved animation. This ran alongside the release of the Digimon TCG and acted as a way to respark the passion and nostalgia for the Digimon franchise. Now, it seems that Bandai are looking to move slightly away from the original series within their TCG, as all boosters up until now have focused on it. 

Information on Digimon Ghost Game is scarce at the moment, with Toei Animation only posting a teaser image on their website. In this poster, we can see the three main Tamers with the silhouettes of their companions behind them. Although these Digimon are brand new to the series, we now know their identities thanks to the pre-orders for the Vital Bracelet’s Ghost Game Dim Cards

New Digimon Series

Gammamon is partnered with Hiro (who stands at the front of the poster), Angoramon is partnered with Ruri (the left Tamer), and Jellymon is partnered with Seishiro. Interestingly, the poster was very slightly edited on August 7th, adding a bandage to Seishiro’s arm, which may be the result of a new plot detail or added for aesthetics, like Tai’s goggles. Digimon Ghost Game will air sometime between September and December 2021 on Fuji TV, following the conclusion of the 66-episode Digimon 2020 reboot. 

New Digimon Series

The introduction of a new series will not only help keep the popularity of the franchise alive but will also ensure the Digimon TCG has plenty of content to work with going into the future. The Digimon anime began to decline in popularity around the Frontier series, which will be the focus of the next Digimon TCG set. With the Digimon TCG heavily depending on nostalgia for its survival, basing future sets on failed series could be damning to the game. In the future, Ghost Game may be a way for Bandai to skip low rated series, branch off from the classic Digimon library and find a way to welcome young collectors who did not grow up with the show. If movies based on Ghost Game are released, like what happened with Dragon Ball Super, the Digimon TCG could benefit from having promo cards connected to it, or even smaller themed sets. 

The Next Adventure booster will arrive after the Double Diamond set, which will focus on the 2002 series, Digimon Frontier. To learn more about this set, head over to our article here

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