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New Ghost Game Digimon heading to the Digimon Card Game

A brand new Digimon is heading to the Digimon franchise and will make its debut in the Ghost Game anime series sometime in the near future. To celebrate the brand new rocket themed Digimon,  known as Espimon, Bandai are releasing a special promo card in an upcoming issue of Saikyo Jump.

The first image of Espimon has appeared in the next issue of Saikyo Jump, introducing this Digimon for the very first time and stating that it will feature in an upcoming Ghost Game episode. Espimon’s name first appeared on the preorder of a new Vital Bracelet Dim Card, called Dim Card V3 Espimon & Ryudamon, which releases in September 2022. While Ryudamon is a Digimon that has been around for a while, nobody knew what Espimon looked like. 

Espimon appears to be a rookie Digimon, although it does look like a single-toothed rodent Digitama sitting in a robot body. Its body is reminiscent of the tin space toys from the 1950s, with the wings of Buzz Lightyear. It is likely that this Digimon will be a partner to a new Tamer and could even hint at an alien-themed enemy. Maybe we will see Vademon appearing in an upcoming episode? As Vademon has powerful psychic abilities, the name of the new Digimon could also hint at a connection, as ESP is a psychic ability that lets someone tap into hidden realms to unlock knowledge. It is also worth mentioning that Gammamon is a star-themed Digimon that can communicate with outer space, according to the first episode profile text. Could there be another connection there? 

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The Espimon promo card hasn’t been revealed yet but will be coming with the next issue of  Saikyo Jump which releases on July 4th. There will also be a Digimon Card Game appendix included in the magazine. If you would like to keep up to date with the latest Digimon Card Game reveals, as well as all other updates, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media


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