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Next Adventure Booster Pack Art

A couple of weeks ago, we reported on a leak that gave details about the next booster set in the Digimon TCG, first releasing in Japan. Well, we now have the first look at the pack art for this set, as well as the official Japanese logo. 

BT- 07, known as ‘Next Adventure’, will take the Digimon TCG in a different direction, focusing more on the Digimon Frontier anime series. With that being said, it seems that they don’t want to shy too far away from the original series as MetalGreymon can be seen swiping out of the Japanese pack art. 

Digimon TCG Next Adventure

The release date for Next Adventure is rumoured for August 27th and will include more Hybride type Digimon and Tamers, such as Zoe Orimoto, Koichi Kimura and Koji Minamoto.

The name of the booster set, Next Adventure, would lead us to believe that the focus will shift from the original Digimon Adventure Series and will instead explore new exciting avenues, taking inspiration from other parts of the Digimon franchise. 

So far, we have seen no cards from this set, although it is very likely that  EmperorGreymon (KaiserGreymon) and Susanoomon could be playing a big role. Other Digimon from the Frontier series could also make an appearance, including Kumamon, KaiserLeomon, Duskmon and Mercurymon. 

English fans will have to wait a while before getting their hands on this set, however, as they are still waiting to get their hands on the upcoming Battle of Omni and Classic Collection sets. To learn more about both of these, click on one of the articles below. 

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