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Next Adventure Box Toppers and Promos – Inherited Effects for Tamers!

Although the Next Adventure booster was released way back in August for the Japanese version of the Digimon Card Game, BT-7 will be entering the English version on March 4th. As is always the case, the Bandai will include original box topper cards as a nice little bonus to every booster pack. This time, the Dash Pack has been swapped out for an extra box topper included within the booster box, in the form of the Box Promotion Pack. 

The Box Toppers – 

The Next Adventure booster set box toppers will include the Tamers of the Digimon Frontier series, which is fitting as the set’s focus will be this series of the Digimon anime series. As was the case with the previous box topper Tamers, the artwork of the character will remain the same only with an original background.

Next Adventure will see the Tamers becoming part of the Digivolution chain of the Digimon, which will provide some plot continuity as Frontier was the series that introduced the Hybrid Digimon that saw Tamers and companions merge into one. Because of this, all of the new Tamers come with an Inherited Effect that lend some really useful effects for their Digimon. 

Next Adventure Box Toppers

Takuya Kanbara gives +2000 DP and security +1, Koji Minamoto can gain 1+ memory after a card gaining effect and cannot be blocked for the turn, Zoe Orimoto gives all of your security a welcomed +3000 DP boost, J.P. Shibayama gives a Digimon piercing, Tommy Himi stops a Digimon with no Digivolutions from attacking or blocking, and Koichu Kimura simply lets you gain 1+ memory when it is deleted. 

Box Promotion Pack

The latest starter sets in the Digimon card game, Starter Deck 7 Gallantmon and Starter Deck 8 UlforceVeedramon, swapped the booster packs out for ‘Memory Boost’ cards. Those cards are now getting alternate art versions with some incredibly cute artwork of Digitama eating their favourite meals. These cards have a lot of character and charm and will no doubt be very popular for both players and collectors. 

Next Adventure Box Toppers

The effects of all six cards are exactly the same, only with the designated colour changed. It allows you to reveal four cards from the top of your deck and add one of the cards to your hand. The ‘Delay’ effect allows you to gain 2 memory when you are ready, which could be a game-changer if you need the extra memory to make a big play. 

The Next Adventure set will be the first set of 2022 and will freshen up the TCG with a number of new archetypes and mechanics. To learn more about this set, check out our links below – 

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