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Omnimon Parallel- The rarest card in the Digimon TCG

The Double Diamond booster released in Japan on May 28th, ushering in the 6th booster set in the Digimon TCG and arriving just in time for the 1st anniversary of the game. To celebrate the occasion, Bandai released a very unique Omnimon Parallel for BT-6, known as Omegamon in Japan, to celebrate this modest milestone.

Prior to the release of the Double Diamond set, this special parallel card had been kept a complete secret. The card borrows the art from the standard Omnimon from the Special Booster 1.0 (BT-1), only with most of its colour removed. The colour that does remain has been foiled, which gives it an artistic and premium finish. 

The Army of Omni –

Omnimon has been the most popular Digimon in the Digimon TCG so far, with a grand total of 6 variations existing throughout the Japanese and English game. These cards also have numerous alternate arts totalling a staggering 18 Omnimon cards to collect in total (including the new Evolution Cup prize card).

Omnimon Digimon TCG

He has been so prominent, in fact, that it seems that he has become the poster child for the game. Leaks of the next booster, which follows Double Diamond, indicates that Bandai intends on moving on from Omnimon and the first-gen Tamers. This means that the Parallel Omnimon could be among the last Omnimon we see for a long time in the Digimon TCG.

This new parallel foiled card will be an alternate art version of the Special Booster 1.0 Omnimon (BT1-084), sharing all the same text and values. As that Digimon was the main element on the booster box art for the Japanese New Evolution set and the English Special Booster 1.0, it makes sense to make it the 1st-anniversary chase card. 

The Rarity – 

The likelihood of pulling the Parallel Omnimon is incredibly low. In fact, it seems to be the lowest pull rate we have seen in the Digimon TCG so far. 

As there are no concrete numbers as of writing this article, the chances are up for debate. Some believe that it is a 1 in 3 carton chance, while others think it is more around a 1 in 25 carton chance. This would mean that because 1 carton contains 12 booster boxes, the pull rate would be 1 in every 300 booster boxes! 

Because of how unbelievably scarce this card is, the value of the card is yet to be seen. The limited listings on eBay have prices ranging between $2,000 and $3,395, but there are no sold listings to validate these values. As more cards enter the market and sales are made, the true value of the Parallel Omnimon will become clearer.

Omnimon Digimon TCG

If the card does turn out to be worth around $3,000 raw, its value would be much greater when graded a PSA 10, and exponentially larger when achieving the much-coveted BGS Black Label. In terms of value, could we see a card belonging to a 1-year-old TCG enter the same ranks as older TCGs like Pokemon and Magic? Recently, PWCC Marketplace revealed that they had aided in the sale of a $90,000 BGS 10 Black Label ‘Son Goku, The Awakened Power’, from the DBS CG. Keeping in mind that this card is only three years old, this sale is truly remarkable. 

To learn more about that record-breaking sale, head over to our article here

The Parallel Omnimon is truly unique for the Digimon TCG and should be put in a league of its own. Because of its unbelievable rarity, anniversary ties and striking appearance, this card will undoubtedly become one of the most valuable cards going into the future and will only see an increase in value as the game gets older. It will be interesting to see if Bandai release more of these incredibly rare cards, especially as a way to mark off each anniversary or bring an end to a focused Digimon archetype.

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