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Opus XIV – Are these the best Hero cards?

With Opus XIV: Crystal Abyss just under a week away from release, it is now the ideal time to take a look at some of the best cards coming in this highly anticipated FF TCG set. We will start things off by taking a look at our favourite Hero cards and discuss why they earned a spot on our list.

Cloud of Darkness

The Cloud of Darkness boss first appeared in Final Fantasy III and then in many other FF titles after that. She has become a fan favourite that has had 7 FF TCG cards based on her if you include A-002. This, the 7th, uses graphics from the Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade game like the previous version that came with Opus X.

The cost of Cloud of Darkness can be reduced by 2 if your opponent has discarded a card from their hand as a result of summons or abilities, or if you have drawn 3 or more cards during the turn this card was played. When she does arrive, she can dull a character and freeze it. 

Opus XIV Hero Card


This Tifa card was first seen in the Pre-Release kit for Opus XIV: Crystal Abyss, with that version having the gold stamped text on it. Fans of Final Fantasy VII may recognise this scene in the artwork, showing the kind and selfless Tifa staring up at the stars. 

This card will allow you to search for a Cloud card and place it in your hand, which certainly makes sense from a law perspective. When another Forward attacks, she also gains +1000 power until the end of the turn. When Tifa enters the field, she allows the player to play any Category VII from their hand, which of course could be the Cloud you retrieved first. 

Opus XIV Hero Card


The wisping magic and the modern fantasy art style looks fantastic on this Prishe card. Every detail has been meticulously tackled, right down to the light bouncing off her and the creases in her clothing. 

If you pay the extra cost stated on the card, when Prishe enters the field you can look at the top 5 cards of your deck and play a Wind or Earth character with 5 cost or less and send the other cards to the bottom of the deck. Her Damage 3 ability lets her gain +1000 power and Brave. 

Opus XIV Hero Card


We have featured the work of the legendary Final Fantasy artist Yoshitaka Amano before, and for good reason. In his Zeromus artwork, Amano has done an incredible job of capturing the hatred and malice spilling out of the otherworldly being. 

This card can Freeze a character when it enters the field or attacks, and will dull all of your opponent’s Forwards at the end of each turn. 


A card that might give you the urge to turn and run away from it, Calbrena looks spooky and chilling. This living doll can become a Forward with 9000 power if you control 3 or more Earth Backups. You will be able to bring Calbrena back from the Break Zone by selecting an Earth Backup to take its place. 

These are just a few of the Hero cards coming in Opus XIV. If you would like to see the others, you can head over to Anthos, the ultimate database for the FF TCG. Opus XIV: Crystal Abyss will hit stores on August 6th. If you would like to see more cards coming with this incredible set, like the special box topper card coming with each sealed booster box, click here

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