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Opus XIV – Crystal Abyss Market Analysis

It has been two months since the release of Opus XIV – Crystal Abyss. Although the full art Legend cards have stayed on top of the market as expected, the landscape is looking very different to how it was during the pre-release period and the first few weeks after the official release.

Shivalry EX – 14-029R (Full Art)

The full art Shivalry EX card is still one of the most valuable rares in the Crystal Abyss set but has seen a steady drop throughout September and October. In August, we saw average sales of $40 through TCG Player. That value dropped between $33 and $27 in September and is currently sitting at a $21 value. The reason for this drop may be down to the regular version only being worth $1.50, which is ideal for players wanting a playset but don’t mind not having the full art. 

Vaan – 14-125L (Full Art)

This Vaan card is arguably the best illustration in the Crystal Abyss set, which introduced the first Legend Multi-Element card with the Wind and Water combination. This card has held its value of $35-$40 since the release of Opus XIV – Crystal Abyss.

Ifrita EX – 14-002R (Full Art)

When Yasuhisa Izumisawa set out to complete the illustration for Ifrita, she wanted to give the character a unique appearance that was different from all of her other FF TCG cards. Well, she definitely achieved that with this colourful and fiery artwork. The full art Ifrita EX started out strong with an initial value of $50 but dipped to $40 in September. Now, the full art Ifrita EX has climbed back to its original $50 value.

Al-Cid – 14-122L (Full Art)

The full art Al-Cid was selling for $49 in August when Crystal Abyss was first released and peaked at $55 on August 23rd. Now, it sits at a firm $40 on eBay. This portrait painting style artwork fits the character’s romantic and charismatic personality perfectly.

Garland – 14-007L (Full Art)

Before this Garland Legend card came with Crystal Abyss, there were several versions of the fallen knight of Cornelia. This one, however, is easily the most valuable of them all. The full art Garland that comes with Opus XIV – Crystal Abyss has managed to hold onto its value of around $50, with $45 being the lowest it has dipped.  

Opus XIV - Crystal Abyss
Opus XIV - Crystal Abyss

Estinien – 6-088L (Full Art)

The full art reprint for Estinien shows off some incredible artwork of the character wielding the eye of Nidhogg. The thin vein-like strings coming from the eye gives this card such an artistic and epic look. During August, this card was selling for an average of $75 through TCG Player, briefly rising slightly to $80. The last three copies, that sold between October 8th and 12th, went for between $70 and $75, showing that the card has returned to its initial value and not dropped.  

Cloud – 14-065L (Full Art)

The big chase card of Opus XIV – Crystal Abyss is the full art Cloud card. As arguably the most popular character in the Final Fantasy franchise, It’s no surprise that cards based on Cloud become sought after by collectors and players alike. During the pre-release period for the set, copies of this card sold for $300. As is often the case, after the official release, that value dropped to around $200. This card is now selling for around $170.

Opus XIV - Crystal Abyss

The pre-release period for the next booster set, Crystal Dominion, will kick off on November 20th. Those who can get their hands on the pre-release kits will not only get the Bartz PR-103 foil promo card and a pack of seriously cool sleeves showing Gen Kobayashi’s new artwork for Firion, but they will also get 9 booster packs of the new set almost a week early. This is when we will get the first insight into the values of this set and the cards to look out for when opening boosters after the official November 26th release. 

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