Pikachu World Collection – Sydney 2000 Olympics promo cards!

Pokemon Olympics

The postponed 2020 Tokyo Olympics is now underway in Pokemon’s home country! With the hosting of the biggest competition in Sports, we decided to look at a particular collection that emphasises the world. In this article, we take a look at 2000’s Pikachu World Collection, originally released as a promotional binder for Sydney’s Summer Olympics in 2000.

Initially released in September 2000, Pikachu World Collection was available to purchase in Sydney during the 2000 Summer Olympics. The idea behind the binder was to commemorate the world by allowing artists to create Pikachu cards in multiple languages as a celebration of the Olympics’ global reach. 

Pikachu World Collection

The collection was available to purchase exclusively from Pokemon Park 2000 held at Sydney University between September 12th and October 4th 2000. These dates ran alongside the Olympics which was a huge event due to the start of the millennium. The set includes nine different Pikachu cards each reprinted in a different language with a gold foil stamp in the shape of Pikachu’s tail. The cards were as followed:

Birthday Pikachu (English), Flying Pikachu (German), Ivy Pikachu (Spanish), Snap Pikachu (Portuguese), Jungle Pikachu (Chinese), Lightning Pikachu (Dutch), Vending Pikachu (Italian), Surfing Pikachu (French), Base Pikachu (Korean)

Pikachu World Collection

These binders have risen in popularity over the last 12 months as newcomers to the hobby flock towards sealed collection opportunities. The Pikachu World Collection 2000 binders now fetch upwards of $300 sealed (based on recent eBay sold listings).

In 2010, a follow-up collection was released with nine new Pikachu artworks all with a holofoil pattern. These cards incorporated the flags of each country within the artwork making for some highly original Pikachu cards. A personal favourite is Mitsuhiro Arita’s Italian Pikachu which shows the famous Italian colours across a backdrop of flowers with Pikachu waving happily in the foreground. 

Pikachu World Collection

This collection, whilst independent of any sporting event can be seen as a commemorative throwback to Sydney’s 2000 collection. The binder was released in Japan on July 8th 2010 with a special green background Japanese Pikachu (instead of blue) available from Pokemon Centers and Japanese 7-11 Stores.

Pikachu World Collection

With the release of Pokemon TCG: Celebrations on the horizon and the reveal of multiple Pikachu cards for the set, there is always a market for Pikachu collection pieces. Pokemon TCG: Celebrations allows an opportunity to own a V-UNION artwork spread over 4 cards with 25 Pikachus playfully hanging out together. This begs the question, it has been over a decade since the last Pikachu World Collection – would you like to see another soon?

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