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Pokemon 25th Anniversary Collection box + promos for retail (easy shipping worldwide)!

buy Pokemon 25th Japan

Pokemon TCG fans rejoice! Here’s how you can buy a Pokemon 25th Anniversary Collection booster box from Japan with 4 promo packs for retail 6750 Yen (roughly £45 or $60 shipped).

Disclaimer: Before we get into the article this was brought to our attention thanks to a fantastic YouTube video from okJLUV. If you’re looking for top-quality Japanese Pokemon TCG content I highly recommend checking him out!

There is a pre-order listing on Amazon Japan fulfilled by Amazon for release at the end of July 2022 for a 25th Anniversary Booster Box and four promo packs for the retail price of 4752 Yen + shipping.

buy Pokemon 25th Japan

To put this into context, single promo packs which include one of 25 Japanese Classic Collection cards are selling on eBay for around £20 in the UK and the 25th Anniversary Collection Booster boxes can be purchased for anywhere up to as high as £70-£80.

This Amazon listing is a massive relief for a lot of collectors for a few reasons:

  • Amazon Japan are one of the most reliable places to purchase a new product from meaning this is probably your best chance at receiving the Promo packs in their intended distribution (FREE) without the risk of receiving four Imposter Professor Oaks due to the searchability of the packs. As soon as Pokemon Japan’s 25th Anniversary Collection started shipping out last month, information surfaced online regarding searchable packs. We released a news article with the information and the story became a huge talking point in the community.
  • If you place a preorder before they close on December 1st in Japan then you’re getting a great addition to your collection for a very reasonable price that isn’t ridiculously high and includes all the intended products rather than paying a premium to receive the FREE promo packs.
  • Amazon Japan is very simple to use. If you live in the UK for example, creating an account is in English and shipping costs 1577 Yen (roughly £10) making this a very easy purchase for international collectors depending on your location. I’ve also checked for US readers and the process appears to be just as simple.
  • Amazon preorders are not charged until closer to dispatch meaning you don’t have to fork out now for an order arriving in August!

The preorder of a 25th Anniversary Collection Booster box and four Classic Collection Promo Packs is limited to one per person and available here up until December 1st 2021 in Japan.

Again, huge thanks to okJLUV for the fantastic Japanese Pokemon TCG content and for bringing this opportunity to purchase at retail without the added Promo pack risk to light.

If you want to buy other Pokemon TCG products from Japan check out our proxy service guide here!

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