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Pokemon 25th Anniversary Collection Promos are searchable – be careful!

Pokemon 25th anniversary collection promos

Today, Friday, October 22nd, marks the official release of Pokemon Japan’s 25th Anniversary Collection. With that, fans are now getting products in hand meaning that we now have further information on how the set looks and works including the Pokemon 25th Anniversary Collection Promo packs.

In Japan, the Japanese equivalent of Celebrations’ main set is part of the 25th Anniversary Collection. This set includes two Secret Rares, either Professor’s Research FA or Gold Mew which means they are rare than their English counterpart. As for the Classic Collection, which is part of Celebrations booster packs, these are separate entirely offered as a single promotional pack for every four 25th Anniversary Collection packs purchased.

Reports online from users who have the packs in hand state that the Pokemon 25th Anniversary Collection Promo packs known as s8a-P are searchable due to their single card nature. From what we’ve seen online, the packs are incredibly thin which allows for light to shine through and unveil the card inside. For anyone that remembers the McDonald’s Happy Meal cards from earlier this year (I’m sure you’ve not forgotten), this is very similar. The difference is that McDonald’s packs are made of paper, unlike the 25th Anniversary Promo packs which are just thin.

The packs in question could contain anything from the 25 reprints seen in Pokemon TCG: Celebrations. This means one single promo pack could provide a Base Set Charizard reprint, Umbreon Gold Star, Shining Magikarp, or even a Tapu Lele GX to name a few.

This has huge implications for the secondary market. In the UK, prices for single Promo packs are selling from anywhere between £30 and £50 currently. Individual cards in Japan are lower than initially inspected with reported sales of Gold Star Umbreon at 5000 yen (£30) on release day. For buyers of the Promo packs, be aware that if these reports are correct then the seller can determine the card before even opening the pack which could lead to sales of unwanted cards rather than a random chance at one of the 25 classic reprints.

We’ll update this article with further information over the course of the week as more information surrounding the 25th Anniversary Collection becomes available.

Have you purchased any of the Japanese 25th Anniversary Collection boxes or Promo packs? If so let us know!

John-Anthony Disotto – Editor-in-Chief

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