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A closer look at Pokemon TCG: Battle Styles Art

Last week I wrote about why you should be excited about Pokemon Sword & Shield: Battle Styles. Since writing that article, I’ve grown more and more attached to a set that I initially planned to skip. For those on the fence still, this article will showcase the top art from Battle Styles (as chosen by me) in an attempt to get you hyped for Pokemon TCG’s newest set.

Rapid Strike Urshifu V (Alternate Art)

This set focuses on Pokemon from Sword & Shield’s DLC area: The Isle of Armor. The Isle of Armor introduced us to Legendary Pokemon Cubfu and his evolution Urshifu. In its regular form, Urshifu appears to be a Kung Fu Panda rip off yet these alternate artworks capture a beautiful hand-drawn style that makes Urshifu incredibly chase-worthy. This Alternate artwork of the Rapid Strike V card shows a floating Urshifu on a peaceful mountain top with a stream floating by – serene.

Pokemon Battle Styles Art

Single Strike Urshifu V (Alternate Art)

In the same vein as the previous card, this alternate artwork of the Single Strike V card shows a more aggressive side to the Pokemon whilst capturing that 3D cartoon artwork that made Tag Team GX cards so popular. Urshifu is holding a massive rock ready for battle and with this recurring art style in the cards that will follow further down in the list there is a possibility for an awesome collection of cards.

Tapu Koko V

I’ve been getting increasingly attached to Tapu Koko as a Pokemon. The Prism Tapu Koko from Team Up is a staple in my current deck thanks to the “Dance of the ancients” ability that helps with rapidly powering up PikaRom. This card is another in that hand-drawn style (you’ll start to notice a theme in this article) and it’s maybe one of my favourite basic V cards in a long time. 

Pokemon Battle Styles Art

Tapu Koko VMAX

Continuing from Tapu Koko V, Tapu Koko VMAX brings a burst of colour and a flat artwork that just pops from the card. There’s not much else to say about this one apart from its relatively easy pull rate makes for the kinds of cards that keep a set enjoyable even when you’re not packing the Hyper Rare you desire. This is one of the main reasons that Battle Styles is starting to stand out for me, Shining Fates has felt underwhelming due to the emphasis on Charizard VMAX. Battle Styles on the other hand feels like a good variety of new Pokemon in a recurring art style that will look very nice in a binder or a PSA slab. 

Mimikyu V (Full Art)

People go crazy for Mimikyu, its creepy but wholesome attempt to make friends as a Pikachu impersonator has a weird familiarity with the way a lot of us feel during times of loneliness (something that’s pretty common at this moment in time). This V full art card stands out with a vibrant pink and purple background that won’t look out of place next to the Pikachu V Full Art from Vivid Voltage. 

Pokemon Battle Styles Art

Tyranitar V (Alternate Art) & Empoleon V (Alternate Art)

These cards have been talked about and hyped since the release of Single Strike and Rapid Strike Master in Japan. The Tyranitar V especially is being touted as the Chase card for the whole set. Tyranitar’s greediness is captured perfectly with dirty plates scattered everywhere and an upset Pignite wondering where his dinner has disappeared to.

Pokemon Battle Styles Art

Rapid Strike Urshifu VMAX (Alternate Art)

Connected to the V variants of Urshifu from earlier in the article this Rapid Strike VMAX is better than anyone could’ve expected. Cramorant, Corviknight, and more are hit with a tsunami of power from Urshifu’s G-MAX Rapid Flow. The card itself is again in that cartoon art-style and has a rainbow effect in the background just to top it all off. 

Single Strike Urshifu VMAX (Alternate Art)

The final piece to an alternate art Urshifu quartet, this card looks like something from an anime. What I love most is that the collection of the four cards has a mature art style that makes it stand out and will most likely create a fanbase for a Pokemon that many people overlooked until now. A personal goal with Battle Styles is to have these cards all in a PSA 10 and I can’t wait. 

Pokemon Battle Styles Art

Houndoom Full Art Gold

Oh, and I nearly forgot. One of the most popular Pokemon from Gen 2 gets some love with an ode to its Gold and Silver roots. This card adds that extra little bit of nostalgia to a set that celebrates the new era of Pokemon. 

I could write all day about my new-found love for Pokemon TCG: Battle Styles art and I’m aware that as more and more individuals recognise the potential of such a set it will become even harder to find than it already looks to be. That being said, Battle Styles has become a must-buy and these cards showcase that not only by making Urshifu a viable option for players and collectors alike but by capturing our interest by giving variety rather than that one chase card that makes a set disappointing when you don’t pull it. 

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Images sourced from Pokellector

John-Anthony Disotto – Ludkins Media Editor

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