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Pokémon Day 2021 – What to Look Forward to This Week

Pokémon Day 2021 Week

It’s almost here. We’ve made it to the week of Pokémon day 2021 on 27 February where The Pokémon Company will celebrate 25 years of everyone’s favourite media franchise. In this brief article, we’ll run through what to look out for across the world of Pokémon over the next few days as well as what to get excited for as we approach #Pokemon25.

PWCC is currently running a 25th Anniversary-themed auction which includes a PSA 7 Pikachu Illustrator card as well as a PSA 10 Shadowless Base Set Charizard. The auctions will end on Pokémon Day and are worth keeping an eye out to see if the general hype and excitement leads to some record-breaking figures.

The Pokémon Company has been going big with their collaborations from Bear Walker skateboards to Levi’s Jeans. P25 Music is the biggest of them all. Initially, a partnership with Katy Perry was announced back in January, and whilst we’re still waiting to see what that collaboration brings there’s a massive virtual concert with rapper Post Malone at 7 PM ET on 27 February. The concert will be animated which should be an awesome way to see some of your favourite Pokémon in concert. Not only that but this is the headline event which could mean some big announcements.

After the concert, there’s some polarising TCG entertainment. Logan Paul’s First Edition Base Set Box Break is live from 9 PM ET. Love him or hate him, Logan has made a significant impact on all of our collections, and after his first stream reached 11 million views on YouTube this event is another we’ll talk about for years to come. The box sold for over $1.4 million so even if it’s just to keep a lookout on the big names that have purchased packs the event itself a must-watch.

On the game front, Nintendo hosted a direct last week and there was no talk of Pokémon. There’s a big chance that we get a GameFreak announcement leading to new games and new TCG sets. Rumours are speculating Diamond and Pearl remakes due to their 15th birthday this year, we’ll have to wait and see how that would translate into future 25th anniversary TCG sets.

If Pokémon GO is your thing, there are going to be Kanto Raids appearing throughout the day with legendary Pokémon such as the Legendary Birds and Team Rocket’s Giovanni to battle.

We’re also hosting a bracket to determine your favourite WOTC-era Pokémon TCG set of all time. Head on over to our Instagram to vote for your favourite now!

This year’s Pokémon Day will have something for every type of Pokémon fan and I for one can’t wait. I would emphasise, however, to temper your expectations because it’s always easier to be left disappointed by expecting too much from announcements as we saw last week when instead of Breath of the Wild 2, Nintendo gave us yet another port in the shape of Skyward Sword.

We’ll be covering all the information you need throughout this monumental week and can’t wait to have you along for the ride.

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John-Anthony Disotto – Ludkins Media Editor

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