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Pokémon Edition Of Illustration Magazine Released in Japan

Pokemon Illustration Magazine Release

Japanese Magazine “Illustration” has released a Pokémon Card Game special edition issue for March 2021 and is available today.

Issue No. 229 focuses on Pokémon artwork with exclusive interviews of some of the most well-respected and famous artists in the hobby.

Pokémon illustration magazine

Interviews with Mitsuhiro Arita (illustrator), Satoru Nagaya (Art Director), and Yu Nishida (illustrator and winner of the 1st Pokémon Card Game Illustration Grand Prix) headline the issue as well as a feature on the offices of Creatures Inc., one of the main developers of Pokémon video games. 

At the end of the magazine there is a Desktop Calendar for 2021-2022 showcasing famous artwork from the world of Pokémon TCG.

Also inside, are multiple fan artworks including this beautiful Gengar mockup. Unfortunately, there are no reports of these fan cards getting printed and released.

Last week we released an article focused on Pokémon TCG as an artform documenting some of the most art-inspired Pokémon cards in existence: Munch: Retrospective. This magazine special is focused on what makes Pokémon art and design so unique similar to the 2016 Pokémon Card Game Art Collection book published in 2016 for the 20th anniversary.

The magazine can be pre-ordered via Kinokuniya in North America and is currently selling for over £40 on eBay

John-Anthony Disotto – Ludkins Media Editor


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