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Pokemon ‘ex’ mechanic to return with Scarlet & Violet

It has been announced that the original ‘ex’ mechanic, which first debuted in 2003’s Ruby & Sapphire era of the TCG, will be making a return. Like previous reveals at Worlds, a lot of info on the cards is missing, still leaving mystery on any changes to the finished product and the new mechanics coming to the TCG. 

The original ‘ex’ format took two prize cards instead of one, when your ex Pokemon knocked out one of your opponents. This format only ran until 2007, until it disappeared. Following that, ‘Pokemon EX’ came along, keeping the two prize card knockout. This time, they began ignoring previous evolutions and had Pokemon in later stages of evolution as basic Pokemon. 

Pokemon ‘ex’
Pokemon ‘ex’

The new Scarlet & Violet ‘ex’ Pokemon revealed at Worlds was Koraidon ex, Miraidon ex, Mimikyu ex, Lucario ex, and Magnezone ex. The Pokemon Company have made a point of hiding most of the text from the latter three, although we can see Lucario ex will need to evolve from Riolu. Interestingly, Koraidon ex, Miraidon ex have had their energy removed for the reveals. Could this be in the introduction of Terastal forms, which will be the new Scarlet and Violet video game gimmick? This would certainly seem so with the crystal-like appearance of both cards. To learn more, check out our article here

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