Pokemon Illustration Contest Promos – Readers’ Picks

With the Pokemon Illustration Contest 2022 open for submissions in Japan and North America, we thought we’d take a look at some of your favourite Pokemon Illustration Contest promo cards from throughout the years. This is our list of notable Illustration Contest cards as chosen by our readers on Facebook and Instagram.

Charizard Illustration Grand Prix 2020 143/S-P

Jiro Sasumo’s Charizard Illustrator may be the most known Pokemon Illustration Contest promo card for many of 2020’s new hobby enthusiasts. This artwork won 2020’s Pokemon Illustration Grand Prix which was focused on capturing cool Pokemon moments. This card shows a majestic Charizard in battle surrounded by cheering fans filling out an arena at capacity. The card was distributed in October 2020 when purchasing 5 packs at Pokemon Center stores in Japan. Due to the distribution of this card, this is a very attainable Charizard promo selling for anywhere between $10USD and $20USD.

Kids’ WB Promo cards.

Back in 2004, Warner Brothers Kids teamed up with Pokemon to host a contest for budding young artists. There are five cards in the set consisting of Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip, Wurmple, and Pikachu. In particular, Pikachu captures the Warner Brothers style of retro cartoon design making it a personal favourite from the collection. Each winning artist received 50 booster packs containing the cards and one pack each was distributed to 5000 more participants. That means there were 5250 of each card ever distributed through these means.

Spiky-eared Pichu M

Spiky-eared Pichu has always held a special place in the hearts of Pokemon fans and 2009’s Pokemon Card Design Contest allowed illustrators to take part in a contest to create their own. Shogakukan magazine provided artists with outlines of Spiky-eared Pichu which were originally part of the Movie Commemoration Random Pack and gave creative freedom for artists to create their own. Six winners were selected from different age groups and were released as promo cards in July 2009.

Gardevoir Illustration Grand Prix 2019

In late 2018, Pokemon Japan launched their first Illustration Grand Prix looking for Pokemon artwork with beautiful scenery. Yuu Nishida won the contest with a beautiful springtime Gardevoir and has since gone on to create a further 18 cards for the Pokemon TCG, most notably Sylveon V Alternate Art from Evolving Skies and the upcoming Mew holo from Pokemon TCG: Celebrations.

Pokemon Illustrator (CoroCoro promo)

The holy-grail of Pokemon collecting also happens to be a prize for winners of the most famous Illustration Contest of them all. Given out to winners of the Japanese CoroCoro Comic Illustration Contest in 1998, there are approximately 39 of these cards in existence. We’ve reported many sales in the past related to this elusive card and you can read about the crazy prices and huge trades it has been part of here.

Pikachu Illustrator Ludkins

CoroCoro Best Photo Snap Contest cards

We’ve talked about these cards extensively in the past and they’re such a fan favourite that we couldn’t leave them out of this article! If you want to know more about Pokemon Snap cards which are some of the rarest promos of all time then check out our article here

There are so many amazing Illustration Contest cards since the inception of contests in 1997. Let us know your favourite in the comments of wherever you read this article!

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