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Pokemon Japan Post promos hit the market!

Pokemon Japan Post

The Japan Post x Pokemon TCG collaboration has now been released to the wider Japanese public and has started to hit Japanese auction houses as well as eBay. This means the promo boxes including Mitsuhiro Arita’s Pikachu and Cramorant cards, some of the best promos of 2021, are now available!

We first revealed the contents of this Japan Post promo box and the Pokemon TCG promos back in May with the initial print run expected to be around 80,000 boxes. Last month, a very lucky 5000 individuals received the boxes early by winning a limited lottery. Now, the boxes have been mass-produced to celebrate Japan Post, leading to an estimated 80,000 in circulation.

The Pikachu and Cramorant promo cards included in the box are based on the famous 1948 ‘Beauty Looking Back’ stamp and the 1949 ‘Moon Goose’ stamp, an awesome throwback to Japanese history.  The Pokémon Stamp Box could be pre-ordered through the Japan Post Service website from July 26, 2021 and was also available to purchase at the 2021 Japan World Stamp Championship Exhibition, held at the Pacifico Yokohama, Yokohama between August 25 and 30, 2021.

Pokemon Japan Post

Now that the boxes and promo cards are more readily available in Japan, prices have started to dip below 20,000 Yen (roughly $160) on Mercari and Yahoo! Japan. This is fantastic news for those looking to pick up a box as we can expect the price to lower even further over the coming weeks as even more Japanese residents receive their Stamp boxes.

When the limited run lottery was the only way of obtaining the cards, prices were through the roof with some copies of the promos selling for closer to $1000. We had reported that the release to the wider public would impact the prices and this looks to be the case. For those of us in the West looking to pick up a Japan Post box or the promos themselves, holding off just a little longer may be the best move.

Be wary with the price you pay. It will be incredibly difficult to get a Japanese imported product for retail, 4000 Yen (roughly $40). That being said, due to the huge print run and supposedly more to follow, the prices should be far more reasonable than you’d expect. Keep an eye out so you can cop some awesome Mitsuhiro Arita art or look to Japanese auction sites using proxy services like Tenso to get an even better deal! You can check out our guide for Tenso here.

John-Anthony Disotto – Editor-in-Chief

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