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Pokemon: original Base Set background images discovered!

Base Set Backgrounds Pokemon

Pokemon cards, we’ve all seen common cards from 1999 thousands of times. Whether they were packed as children or purchased as adults, our love for card design and artwork has led to some of the most collectible trading cards in the world today. Speaking of card design, have you ever wondered where the backgrounds used in some of Pokemon’s classic Base Set artwork comes from?

Twitter user @fanamelt may have an insight that could give you a topic of conversation next time you see your friends (who knows when that will be).

The user appears to have found stock images that were used as the background of some original Pokemon cards by Ken Sigumori himself from 1996 Japanese Base Set and later in 1999 when Base Set came to the English market.

In a Twitter video (shown below), @Fanamelt uses stock images sourced from Datacraft Sozaijiten, a stock image source used across Japanese media, framing the background of some very recognisable Pokemon cards from Base Set including Ponyta, Wartortle, and Imposter Professor Oak. 

For many, it was easy to assume that the backgrounds of these Pokemon cards were hand-drawn by the artist of each card, this information is a fascinating insight into the world of original Pokemon card design. This begs the question, are there any other Pokemon cards that could be made in the same way?

We’ve discussed Pokemon artwork over and over again, yet this idea of using external sources in the background is something we are yet to touch upon. Have you ever thought about the origin of the cards and where the inspiration of your favourite piece in your collection comes from?

If you’re aware of any other sources used in Pokemon card artwork, please let us know

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John-Anthony Disotto – Ludkins Media Editor-in-Chief


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