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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – Co-op, Paldea Region, new Pokemon and ‘Tera Type’ revealed! 

During the latest instalment of Pokemon Presents, streamed through the Official Pokemon YouTube channel, more updates about the upcoming Scarlet and Violet video games have been revealed! This includes the Region we will be exploring, the new Pokemon, the Co-op features and the new Terra Type Pokemon and Terastallize forms.

The brand new region we will be exploring will be called Paldea, where we will take part in a ‘treasure hunt’, riding on the back of the Legendaries Koraidon and Miraidon, depending on which title you choose. These mount Pokemon will allow you to race across the field, climb mountains, jet across the water, soar through the skies and leap over obstacles below. 

Similar to Pokemon Legends Arecus, the wild Pokemon will be out in their habitats, interacting with each other in a way we have not seen before in the game franchise. As usual, the new region is full of unique trainers and characters, as well as breathtaking locations to visit. The ‘Treasure’ you will be looking for is Terra Type Pokemon, which will be part of the new gimmick called Terastal form. In Paldea, you will be enrolled into the Naranja Academy in Scarlet, or the Uva Academy in Violet. While here, you will be given a special ‘Treasure Hunt’ assignment, which will lead you to three large stories. The first is themed around collecting gym badges, which is traditional for the Pokemon franchise. Interestingly, you get to choose the order you challenge the gyms to customise your journey to the Pokemon League. The other two stories seem to be multiplayer-based and will focus on your studies at the Academy, although details are yet to be shared on these new aspects of the games. New Pokemon forms have also been revealed, including the Paldean form of Whooper, the adorable Fidough and Cetitan.

Scarlet and Violet Tera Type
Scarlet and Violet Tera Type

Co-op play will be done through the ‘Union circle’, which will let you join with up to three friends for adventures. This will allow players to search for rare Pokemon they haven’t yet discovered or race across the map aboard their Legendary Pokemon mounts. It is not yet known the extent of the Co-op play, but according to the trailer, you and your friends will be able to explore the Paldea region together and will not be restricted to a certain area. 

Scarlet and Violet Tera Type

The Terastal phenomenon will allow your Pokemon to become crystal-like, boosting their power and making them sparkle! Some Pokemon will also change type when they Terastallize, depending on their ‘Tera Type’, which can differ from catch to catch! This means that one goal of Scarlet and Violet will be to track down rare Tera Types. This can lead you and your friends to Raids to get your hands on the rarer Tera Types. Raids will offer a new way of playing, with Trainers being able to attack on their own timing instead of turn based. Once defeated, you get to catch the Tera Type Pokemon.

Scarlet and Violet Tera Type

In previous games, we have been used to getting one professor to collect Pokemon for, but for these new titles, there are two new experts to work with, depending on the title you play. These are Professor Sada in Scarlet and Professor Turo in Violet. Players will also make a friend in Nemona, a Trainer who will befriend the player and become a guide in this brand new region. Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet will release on November 18th worldwide, arriving just in time for the holidays! Those who preorder Scarlet and Violet on the Nintendo Store will receive a special Pikachu that knows the move Fly and has a Tera Type of flying. This Pikachu can only be obtained through this way as an incentive to get early preorders. 

During the latest Pokemon Presents, the brand new Pokemon World Championship trophy was revealed, which shows Pikachu standing upon a Pokeball holding up a trophy. The best players around the world will compete for the prestigious title of 2022 World Champion for their respective games. 

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