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Pokémon Shining Fates Setlist Revealed, With a Puzzling Removal

The setlist for the highly-anticipated Pokemon TCG special set Shining Fates has been revealed, bringing with it some puzzling card decisions. 

The full art Marnie supporter card has been removed from the set, while a full-art version of Alcremie V and a secret rare Alcremie VMAX has been added. The removal of Marnie from the set has been especially shocking to many TCG collectors, given the card’s unique artwork and high price in Japan. 

Shining Fates Marnie

The full-art version of Marnie from Shiny Star V, the Japanese set upon which Shining Fates is based, is the most expensive card in the set at over $400. Marnie’s price even eclipses that of the shiny Charizard V and Charizard VMAX. 

However, cards are sometimes added to or removed from English sets so that they don’t perfectly correspond with their Japanese counterparts. We’ve seen this with Shining Fates–several shiny V cards, including Dragapult V and VMAX, Crobat V and VMAX, and Boltund V were removed to create promotional cards for boxes. It’s less common for a card to be removed from a set without it having a known (and imminent) promotional release.

Occasionally cards released in Japanese sets do not make it into English at all–many cards from the Japanese Tag All Stars set were never released in English and it appears unlikely that they will be at this point. 

Hopefully Marnie will be released in a promotional product or set in the future!

Ethan Pohl – Ludkins Media

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