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Pokemon TCG 1st Edition Base Set booster box sold for record $432,000

Pokemon 1st edition auction

A 1st Edition Base Set booster box has sold for a record $432,000 on PWCC Premier Auction, only a week after the same elusive Pokemon TCG box sold for $312,000 on Heritage Auctions.

With previously registered sales ranging from $300,000 to close to $450,000 over the last 12 months, this is another interesting sales point for everyone’s dream collection piece and marks a record setting registered auction sale for the 1st edition Base set booster box.

In February, Logan Paul auctioned packs for a live stream of his 1st Edition Base Set Booster box opening with individual packs selling for an average of $40,000. Those prices were mostly due to the target audience of Crypto enthusiasts and the allure of a shoutout to Logan’s 20 million+ subscriber base. The video now has over 6 million views, which combined with his first Pokemon TCG live stream in October 2020 means that over 18 million people have witnessed the nostalgia hit from Pokemon TCG’s number one booster box. 

The first-ever English release of Pokemon TCG in 1999 is always a fascinating watch to determine the state of the higher-end booster box market and Pokemon TCG as a whole. We recently discussed PWCC auctions from October and the Pokemon TCG market as a whole. That article can be found here

In the peak of Pokemon’s 25th Anniversary hype, we reported the purchase of one of these 1st Edition Base Set Booster boxes for a whopping $450,000 on Instagram as a private sale. Showcasing Charizard for the first time in English, this booster box has been at the forefront of Pokemon TCG’s boom over the last 12 months. Logan Paul purchased a PSA 10 1st Edition Charizard in October 2020 for $150,000 and now these cards are valued around the $400,000 mark. This particular card sold on Goldin Auctions in December for $399,000.

Pokemon 1st edition auction

How high can these boxes realistically go?

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