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Pokemon TCG 25th Anniversary Golden Box revealed + MORE

Pokemon TCG Golden Box

The Pokemon Company has revealed the 25th Anniversary Japanese Collection a day after announcing 25th Anniversary: Celebrations for the English TCG. With that, comes new images of cards we revealed yesterday as well as official images of a Pokemon 25th Anniversary Golden Box.

Let’s take a look at what makes the Golden Box so special. In the official press release focused on the English TCG Celebrations set, there was a reference to a gold Pokeball and a gold Pikachu V card. Now we have official images of what the special edition Pokemon 25th Anniversary Golden Box will look like for Japanese card collectors.

Pokemon 25th Golden Box

Official information states that the box will release on October 22nd for 17,600 yen and contain the following:

  • A gold Poke Ball 
  • A gold Pikachu V card
  • A 60 card completely holo card deck
  • A set of 64 “premium gloss” card sleeves
  • A foil-stamped rubber playmat
  • Metal dice and condition markers
  • A synthetic leather deck case
  • A synthetic leather playmat case
  • A synthetic leather dice case
  • A Pokemon coin
  • 5 of the 25th-anniversary promo packs

In addition to this reveal, we also received an official image of the pack-art as well as a Mew from the 25th Anniversary Collection. There will be a subset of 25 cards known as the 25th Anniversary Edition with packs distributed for every purchase of 4 Collection packs. One of these cards was revealed in the form of a Base Set Venusaur reprint.

The English TCG will include the Pokemon 25th Anniversary Golden Box golden cards inside the Celebrations Ultra- Premium Collection also releasing October 22nd alongside contents that include very exciting commemorative metal cards of Base Set Pikachu and Base Set Charizard. This English version will retail for USD 119.99.

In the current climate of Pokemon who knows how hard it will be to obtain these products will be. With the launch of Eevee Heroes, we have seen scalping reach new heights in Japan just as Chilling Reign was starting to appear more accessible in English-speaking countries. One thing is for sure, with the reveal of nostalgic card-types that have alluded a large portion of the community due to rising card costs such as Level x, Gold Stars, Delta Species, and Base Set, these 25th Anniversary sets will be some of the most exciting and anticipated cards for more casual fans looking to return to the hobby.

For info on the special cards that will be included in English Celebrations, check our article here.

For further information related to all things, 25th Anniversary stay tuned to Ludkins Media via our Instagram and Facebook.

John-Anthony Disotto – Ludkins Media Editor-in-Chief


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