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Pokemon TCG – 25th Anniversary Pikachu Mania

25th anniversary pikachu

Yesterday, The Pokemon Company gave us some huge 25th Anniversary reveals that have given an insight into what’s to come with the most hyped release of the year. The information released gave us new Pikachu cards and a further understanding of how the set will work. In this article, we’ll take a look at the newly revealed Pikachu cards that will release with Japan’s 25th Anniversary Collection and likely to be included in October’s English Pokemon TCG: Celebrations expansion.

Nostalgia Reimagined

The biggest reveal from yesterday’s information has to be the full art red cheeks Pikachu by Mitsuhiro Arita. Arita has recreated his iconic Pikachu from 1996 in a full art variant that showcases the details of the background including a Caterpie, Butterfree, and Paras hiding within the trees. In the original press release for Pokemon TCG: Celebrations there was mention of a reimagining of Base Set Charizard, are we likely to see the fire dragon get a similar overhaul?

25th anniversary pikachu

Flying & Surfing Pikachu

Everyone loves Flying Pikachu & Surfing Pikachu and this set brings these popular cards back with a modern twist. Originally released back in the late 90s, these cards were reprinted for Pokemon’s 20th Anniversary with XY: Evolutions. Now they appear as V and VMAX forms, giving the 25th Anniversary set a Pikachu-centric nostalgia trip.

Birthday Pikachu

In Japan, the main 25th Anniversary Collection is a 28 card set with a 25 card subset of reprints including Base Set Venusaur and Birthday Pikachu. We’re yet to see more of this subset but this glimpse of a Birthday Pikachu reprint makes us think that Pokemon will go all out with fan favourite cards to entice collectors and newcomers to the hobby. For those of us who haven’t been able to afford some of our favourite cards due to the price rises of recent years this could provide a great opportunity to still appreciate the artwork a cheaper entry-point. 

25th anniversary pikachu

Pikachu V-UNION

We revealed the V-UNION mechanic last month with MewTwo, Greninja, and Zacian. Now images of Pikachu’s V-UNION card which will be part of the main set as well as Pokemon TCG: Celebrations’ Pikachu V-UNION collection box. These four cards combine to create the ultimate Pikachu artwork showcasing 25 Pikachus by 25 different Artists from the TCG’s history. Artists such as Arita, Komiya, Ooyama, and sowsow to name a few.

25th anniversary pikachu

We’ll be going into these cards in more detail once we know how they will be included with Pokemon TCG: Celebrations. It is highly likely that the 28 card main set and 25 card subset from Japan will combine within the Celebrations packs. Each pack contains four cards, all holo and are available from October 8th 2021. 

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