Pokemon TCG – A closer look at the Futsal Collection

Pokemon TCG futsal

In 2019, The Pokemon Company entered into a partnership with the English Football Association (FA) to help increase participation in Futsal at a youth level. For those that don’t know, Futsal is indoor football played on a hard court emphasising skills and quick passing over regular football. For the 2020/2021 season, The Pokemon Company decided to do what they do best and provide Pokemon TCG promos to children participating in Futsal as well as customers of the UK’s largest video game retailer, GAME.

Eevee on the Ball was the first of five promo cards to release as part of the Futsal Collection. This card was available with a purchase of £15 or more in participating GAME stores in England. The card was released on September 11th, 2020, amid local and national lockdowns due to the pandemic. Sealed Eevee on the Ball promo cards can be found on eBay for around £10-£20.

Following on from the Eevee on the Ball release, Grookey on the Ball released via the same style of promotion on October 16th, 2020, again during a time where Pokemon TCG was at its all-time high due to media attention and some stores in England were not even open. That being said, both Pokemon TCG Futsal cards were available via an online store so those that wanted the promo cards had a much better chance of spending money online if the incredible demand for Pokemon TCG permitted. Sealed Grookey on the Ball promo cards are currently fetching around £5-£10 on eBay.

Scorbunny and Sobble on the Ball were the last two cards that were part of the promotion, with GAME customers getting one when spending £15 in store. Unfortunately for US Pokemon fans, the Futsal were UK exclusive but prices are pretty affordable for US fans. 

The final card, Pikachu on the Ball was once a mythical entity. Throughout 2021, speculation was rife about the release of the card and when Pikachu on the Ball finally hit eBay prices skyrocketed. This card was due for release to participating Youth Futsal teams in the 2020/2021 season. The season, however, never took place because of the COVID-19 Pandemic leading to the value of the card exceeding £1000 on release. This is the card that makes this collection so appealing to football and Pokemon fans alike. 

Pokemon TCG futsal

That being said, Pikachu on the Ball isn’t as rare as we once thought with prices now regularly sitting below £100 on eBay UK and a UK-wide in-store release due in GAME with purchases over £15 on the horizon making the card far less rare than once thought. Did you pick up a Pikachu on the Ball promo card? If so, did you pay an astronomical figure?

Are you a fan of the Pokemon TCG Futsal Collection?

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