Pokemon TCG – Arceus VSTAR Premium Collection

Another VSTAR Premium Collection has been announced for September! This time the focus will be on Arceus VSTAR. The Arceus VSTAR Premium Collection will come with Reprints of Arceus V and Arceus VSTAR, a Jumbo Arceus VSTAR, 10 x booster packs, an Acrylic VSTAR marker and the usual code card. This collection will release on September 30th and will cost around $50.

 Arceus VSTAR Premium Collection

There will also be an Arceus VSTAR Ultra Premium Collection coming this winter, which will be different to the Arceus VSTAR Premium Collection. There are other VSTAR Collections on the way, including the Hisuian Zoroark VSTAR Premium Collection realising on October 28th and the Origin Forme Dialga & Origin Forme Palkia Premium Collections releasing on October 7th

VSTAR Premium Collection

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