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Pokemon TCG – Arceus VSTAR Ultra Premium Collection

The new Arceus VSTAR Ultra-Premium Collection has been revealed, which will be an exclusive GameStop product releasing on December 16th. This product will cost around $100 but will be filled with several fantastic Arceus-themed goodies to merit its hefty price tag.

Arceus VSTAR Ultra Premium Collection
Arceus VSTAR Ultra Premium Collection

The  Arceus VSTAR Ultra Premium Collection will come with 15 Pokemon TCG booster packs, two metal cards featuring Arceus V and Arceus VSTAR, an Arceus-themed playmat, a metal Arceus coin, six metal damage counter dice, an acrylic VSTAR marker and an online Code Card. 

Product Description – 

‘Show Your Mettle with the Arceus VSTAR Ultra-Premium Collection!

From the nothingness of the void came the cry of the Alpha Pokémon… Arceus is ready to shine in this special Ultra-Premium Collection starring Arceus V and Arceus VSTAR as pure metal cards! With a whopping stack of 15 booster packs, metal damage counter dice, an Arceus playmat and many more treasures–this curated set has whit it takes to ring gameplay to mythical new levels.’

There are several products coming to the Pokemon TCG in time for the holidays, including the Pokemon TCG Holiday Calendar and the Silver Tempest booster set. To learn more about the upcoming products, check out the links below – 

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Hisuian Zoroark VSTAR Premium Collection coming this Halloween

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Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media Editor-in-Chief

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