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Pokemon TCG Astral Radiance leaked!

Update (08/03/22): If you would like to read about the official announcement of the Astral Radiance set, click here. If you would like to check the prerelease promos of this set, click here.

Pokemon TCG leaks have been rife over the last few months with Celebrations cards appearing online before its official release and packs of Brilliant Stars appearing on Twitch months before we even see them in real life. Now the newest leak has surfaced online: Astral Radiance, which is likely to be May’s English Pokemon TCG expansion.

Update: We now have information related to the release of the Astral Radiance expansion. Astral Radiance will be hitting our shelves on May 27th leaving a nice gap for you to save up after Brilliant Stars!

The image, which originally surfaced on Instagram, shows the Astral Radiance logo alongside brand new forms of Palkia and Decidueye, likely to be Hisuain forms from the upcoming Pokemon Legends Arceus game releasing on Nintendo Switch later this month.

Pokemon Astral Radiance

Rumours of Time Gazer and Space Juggler expansions releasing in April across Japan would lead us to believe that those Dialga and Palkia focused sets are coming in Astral Radiance.

With Pokemon Legends Arceus on the horizon, we’re sure to see a big influx in Pokemon variants from the Hisui region. A huge leak of the game appeared online last week so if you want to know more information surrounding the new Pokemon it’s just a quick Google search away.

Are you excited to have a Pokemon TCG expansion focused on Dialga and Palkia? Are we likely to see a beautiful trio of alternate V cards to coincide with Arceus V Alternate Art from Brilliant Stars?

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