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Pokemon TCG Battle Region full set list revealed!

Pokemon Battle Legion set

The full set list for Pokemon TCG Battle Region releasing in Japan on February 25th has been revealed.

Battle Region s9a will include new Sparkling Pokemon alongside the debut of Hisuian Pokemon forms from the latest video game, Pokemon Legends Arceus.

We will update this article when better pictures of the Secret Rares become available! We’re still missing some cards from the Secret Rare list however, we can confirm that there will be no Alternate Arts in Battle Region. As for the Hisuain starters, the best versions available are rainbow VSTAR cards with no gold versions excluding a gold Samurott VSTAR that we have yet to find a good image of.

What are your thoughts? Is Battle Region a must-buy or a hard pass?

To keep up to date with all Pokemon TCG information and more set info for Battle Region in the lead up to its February 25th release, follow Ludkins Media on Instagram and Facebook.

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