Pokemon TCG Skyscraping Perfect & Blue Sky Stream – A brief look at the main set

It’s hard to keep up with every single Pokemon TCG release at the moment. Week to week there are shiny new cards that make your wallet cry and things don’t look to be stopping anytime soon. In the second half of 2021, we have a mix of Japanese and English Pokemon TCG sets that culminate in the 25th Anniversary Set everyone is talking about. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best main set cards from S7D Skyscraping Perfect/ S7R Blue Sky Stream which will likely be included in Evolving Skies

Disclaimer: These are our top picks from the main set list. View the full Evolving Skies Secret Rare List Here!

Rayquaza V and VMAX

Rayquaza is the poster Pokemon for Blue Sky Stream so it’s no surprise that there’s a nice V and VMAX card of the legendary gen 3 Pokemon. There’s nothing particularly standout about these cards other than Rayquaza being a fan favourite. That being said, the anticipation to see what will likely be an Alternate Art VMAX secret rare before July 9th release date is incredibly enticing. Pokemon’s track record with Alternate arts in the Sword & Shield era has been pretty good so far, I expect the secret rare to be no different. 

Blue Sky Stream

Suicune V

This Ayaka Yoshida artwork from Skyscraping Perfect stands out thanks to its colourful backgrounds. Suicune is a very popular Pokemon and one that would have been cool to see in a VMAX form. There is still a chance of a Secret Rare V but even without one, this is one of the stronger V cards from the set alongside the next entrant in this list. 

Dragonite V 

Back to Blue Sky Stream and everyone’s favourite Gen 1 dragon, right? Dragonite V by Saki Hayashiro fits in perfectly with the return of Dragon-type Pokemon to the TCG. This card feels like a tie-in to single-strike yet doesn’t have the mechanic attached. Another card that makes me question, where is the VMAX? 

Blue Sky Stream

Galarian Legendary bird holos

After their inclusion in Chilling Reign it’s a surprise to see more legendary birds in their Galarian form here. Japanese holos hit differently and these ones are no exception. These cards will make a great inclusion into many binders out there and capture the personalities of these birds with their darker imagery very well. The Zapdos artwork by Kodama is majestic and my personal favourite of the three. Let’s hope they look as good in person as they do from the official images!

Plusle and Minun

I’m a huge fan of artwork that crosses over between cards and have written about some of my favourite examples of this in the past here. Plusle and Minun are always a great opportunity to provide this style of artwork and whilst they aren’t necessarily crossover art both Pokemon appear in the other’s respective Rapid Strike card. 

Skyscraping Perfect

Everything else

Without the release of Secret Rares, there’s not a massive amount of selection to take a look at from the set. That being said, here’s a look at all the other V and VMAX cards that aren’t necessarily my cup of tea but maybe yours. 

Once the Secret Rares for these sets are revealed we’ll release an article with our Top Picks for Evolving Skies, which is just over a month away. Are you excited about S7D Skyscraping Perfect/ S7R Blue Sky Stream? What cards stand out for you?

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John-Anthony Disotto – Ludkins Media Editor-in-Chief

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