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Pokémon TCG Brand Collaborations: Article Series Sneak Peek

Brand Collab Article Series

With 2021 being the year of Pokémon’s 25th Anniversary, The Pokémon Company has announced collaborations with many world-famous brands. From Katy Perry to Bear Walker skateboards, Build-A-Bear Workshop to Levi’s. We thought we’d look into some of the best Pokémon TCG brand collaborations of all time.

Disclaimer: This is a brief look at some of the best brand collaborations with Pokémon cards, over the next few weeks, in celebration of #Pokemon25, we’ll be going more in-depth with card history. Here’s a sneak peek.

Pokémon x Mario

In 2016, Nintendo and Pokémon collaborated to create an incredible merging of two of the most popular video game characters of all time. Four cards were released in Japan for Pokémon’s 20th Anniversary all of Pikachu in either Mario or Luigi cosplay. Combining these two beloved franchises created some very in-demand Pokémon cards – now selling for over £5000 as a PSA 10 set.

Pokémon Mario
Pokémon Toyota

Pokémon x Toyota

Pokémon collaborated with Japanese car manufacturer Toyota in 1997 creating Pikachu and Arcanine promo cards. The Pikachu artwork might look familiar as it was later used for “The First Movie” promos in English. The Arcanine card was later included in the Pokémon CD promo alongside holo Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise.

Pokémon x ANA Airlines

ANA Airlines (All Nippon Airlines), the largest airline in Japan, have used Pokémon artwork on their airlines for the last 2 decades. In 1998, passengers flying through their services could redeem their boarding passes for a leaflet containing Flying Pikachu and Dragonite. They would later repeat the promotion in June 1999 with an alternate artwork Flying Pikachu and an Articuno followed by another including Zapdos and Moltres.

Pokémon ANA Airlines
Meowth Fruit Roll

Pokémon x General Mills Fruit Rolls

General Mills began producing Pokémon Rolls in 1999. Similar to a fruit roll-up the product was very popular with kids merging the Pokémon brand with the sugary treat. Each box contained a special Meowth Promo card using the Jungle artwork, this time with a gold border.

Pokémon x Uniqlo

In December 2014, Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo launched a set of 4 Pikachu variants to promote their winter children’s clothing line: Heat Tech. The cards feature Pikachu wearing different pieces of clothing from a scarf to a hoodie all whilst in a winter setting.

Pokémon Uniqlo

This is a very small look into some unique promo cards from throughout the years, Last week information surrounding a new McDonald’s Pokémon promotion leaked. As there’s so much information to cover on the history of McDonald’s and Pokémon we’ve decided to make this the first in a long line of #Pokemon25 Collab history lessons. That article will be available for your enjoyment next week!

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John-Anthony Disotto – Ludkins Media Editor


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