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Pokemon TCG Celebrations – A look at LV.X

Pokemon TCG Celebrations, the much anticipated 25th Anniversary set, has now been revealed, and we have an insight into what to expect with the biggest expansion of recent memory. Pokemon TCG Celebrations will take us on a trip down memory lane with new iterations of some classic and most-loved Pokemon card types such as LV.X. In this series of articles, we’ll be looking back at the card types that 2021’s hottest set will bring back to the forefront. This article will focus on Pokemon LV.X cards.

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Pokemon TCG: Celebrations have confirmed a new LV.X card in the form of 8th generation legendary, Zacian. The card will be part of a Celebrations Deluxe Pin Collection alongside four packs of Pokemon TCG: Celebrations, two Pokemon TCG booster packs, and an enamel Surfing Pikachu pin. This Celebrations Deluxe Pin Collection will release worldwide on October 8th 2021. The LV.X Zacian which is a brand-new release for Pokemon TCG: Celebrations will not be legal for competitive play.

So, what exactly are LV.X cards?

LV. X cards were a special kind of card, first appearing in the first Diamond & Pearl TCG expansion in late 2006 in Japan and 2007 in the West. These cards replaced Pokemon-ex and became highly sought-after chase cards during the D&P era. LV. X would be available until the start of HeartGold & SoulSilver where they were replaced by Prime cards, which we’ve talked about previously, and Pokemon LEGEND cards.

Our Top LV.X artworks

Charizard G LV.X – Supreme Victors

Where best to start than Charizard’s own LV.X card. Originally released in Supreme Victors, Team Galactic’s Charizard was later re-released as a Black Star Promo with alternate artwork by Wataru Kawahara in the 2009 Fall Collector’s tins. Mixed with the holo borders seen on all LV.X cards, Charizard’s flames really stand out. It’s no wonder that with a population of 103, a PSA 10 of the Supreme Victors variant sold for $6000 in July.

Pikachu M LV.X – 043/DPt-P

This Japanese promo card released as part of a Movie Commemoration Random Pack alongside the release of Arceus: To a Conquering Spacetime in cinemas in Japan. This Pikachu M (Movie) LV.X shows Ash’s Pikachu with a beautiful gold holo that looks spectacular in real life, honestly pictures don’t do it justice. PSA’s population report currently has 150 PSA 10s in circulation. The card would never release in English and is personally, my favourite of all LV.X cards to ever release.

Pokemon Celebrations LV.X

Rayquaza C LV.X – Supreme Victors

Cynthia’s Rayquaza released in August 2009 as part of Supreme Victors, with an alternate art version releasing as a Black Star Promo in September of the same year. LV.X cards are some of the best artworks from Pokemon TCG’s history, thanks to their way of portraying the Pokemon “escaping” from the card art. With a beautiful holofoil that goes around the border of the card, it’s no surprise that the Rayquaza C LV.X is on this list. There are currently 31 PSA 10s of the Supreme Victors Rayquaza C LV.X and only one Black Star Promo DP47, making these cards incredibly elusive in a gem mint condition.

What is your favourite LV.X card and why?

If you’re new to LV.X cards Pokemon TCG: Celebrations will be a great starting point with the new Zacian LV.X. To keep up with all your Pokemon TCG news, follow Ludkins Media on Instagram and Facebook.

John-Anthony Disotto – Ludkins Media Editor-in-Chief

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