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Pokemon TCG: Celebrations booster packs appear on eBay

Pokemon TCG celebrations leak

Over the last two weeks, we’ve been made aware of card leaks related to Pokemon TCG’s 25th Anniversary set Celebrations, releasing worldwide on October 8th 2021. Now, a seller on eBay has sold over 11 booster packs for $129.99 each.

The pack contains 4 holographic cards from a variety of reprints and new legendary Pokemon as revealed by The Pokemon Company last month. The eBay listing states that the packs were purchased from a flea market and the seller is located in Randleman, North Carolina. This would make sense as Pokemon’s main shipping facility for the English TCG is with a company called Millennium Print Group, located a mere 60 miles away in Morrisville, North Carolina.

We’ve decided not to showcase the leaked images as the lack of information behind them means that there is still a slight question over authenticity and we also don’t want to bring attention to cards that will have been obtained without the Pokemon Company’s knowledge.

Pokemon TCG celebrations leak

At first, a shiny gold Mew card appeared which we shared on Instagram. However, it quickly became apparent that there was nearly a full set out in the wild and we chose to remove the image of gold Mew from Instagram.

With two months still to go until the worldwide release of Pokemon TCG: Celebrations, it brings up a few questions on what The Pokemon Company could decide to do moving forward. If the information in this eBay listing is to be believed then the seller has or has sold 20 booster packs, which means the cards are well and truly out in the wild way before they should be. Could Pokemon decide to reveal the set way sooner than expected similar to when Bandai chose to acknowledge the Battle Evolution Booster leaks back in February?

In a normal cycle with Pokemon TCG news, Japanese cards are revealed via Yahoo! Auctions Japan or Mercari one or two days before the set goes on sale. The extent of the leak, where someone has unlawfully received the cards is a whole different level of reveal. There are so many questions to be had over how these packs were obtained and the ethical problems with leaking the hard work of The Pokemon Company to bring joy to Pokemon TCG fans for a monumental celebration.

How do you feel about cards and sets leaking far in advance of their release date and specifically a monumental leak like this one which has clearly escaped through the production line cracks?

Find out more about Pokemon TCG: Celebrations!

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