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Pokemon TCG: Celebrations – Most expensive cards after week one

With Pokemon TCG: Celebrations season well and truly underway we thought we’d take a look at the value of the more expensive cards from the set for those that need one of the rarer Classic Collection cards to finish their master set. 

Disclaimer: Prices are accurate as of October 13th 2021 and based on eBay sold for the UK. As discussed in a previous article, the joy from Pokemon TCG: Celebrations comes from opening packs and collecting cards hence the lower value of these cards due to higher pull rates than a regular set. 

Tapu Lele GX

Currently selling around the £15 mark, this card appeared on a pull rate image that went viral across social media during the weekend. That post showed Tapu Lele GX as an incredibly rare card with a pull rate of over 1 in 200 packs. Whilst I highly doubt these pull rates, this could have had an effect on the card price as unlike other singles from the expansion has stayed pretty stable since Friday’s release.

Pokemon Celebrations most expensive

Mew EX

A personal favourite from Pokemon TCG: Celebrations, Mew EX from Legendary Treasures is currently selling for around the same price as Tapu Lele GX on eBay UK. Another card that has remained around the same value since launch, having everyone’s favourite gen 1 mythical Pokemon makes this card a fan-favourite from the set. 

Base Set Blastoise and Venusaur 

The first reprint of these highly iconic cards since Legendary Collection in 2002. Two of the starter trio are currently selling just under £20. We’re starting to see a trend in Pokemon TCG: Celebrations where card prices are highly attainable and this is a great example. The opportunity to own Blastoise and Venusaur for the same price as some rainbow rares from recent modern sets is fantastic and allows some of the most beloved cards to reach even more people that have yet to acquire an original from 1999.

Pokemon Celebrations most expensive

Shining Magikarp

Neo Revelation’s chase card alongside its Gyarados evolution has been a fan favourite for decades. This Pokemon TCG: Celebrations reprint is one of the best cards from the set and has found itself circulating around the £25-£30 mark, although cheap for a normal set, one of the most expensive here. Who knows what the pull rates are for the set but YouTube’s PokéRev has opened over 400 packs on stream over the last few days and this is the only card still to elude him.

Umbreon Gold Star

A holo reprint of one of the most sought-after and expensive cards out there? Check. I’m quite surprised that this card is hovering around the £50-£60 mark on eBay due to its massive popularity. That being said, for those seeking a master set or a nice copy for their personal collection Umbreon Gold Star at £50 is a refreshing sight to behold. 

Gold Mew

Quite possibly the best gold car so far, Shiny Mew is the final card in the main set of Celebrations and the only card on this list that isn’t a classic reprint. This card is spectacular and well worth owning for any gold or Mew collector. The pull rates for this set have allowed this card to settle in the region of £60-£70 making it cheaper than other gold Pokemon cards we’ve seen this year. A reminder that this card will not be part of Japan’s 25th Anniversary Collection makes this card a must cop!

Pokemon Celebrations most expensive

Base Set Charizard

There’s no surprise here. In the initial lead up to launch of Pokemon TCG: Celebrations many believed that Umbreon Gold Star would be the most expensive card on the secondary market. However, we’ve quickly realised that Charizard is king and a faithful reprint with added texture is the pick of the bunch from Celebrations’ Classic Collection. The surprise here is that the card is trending downwards, like most of the other cards from the set and will most likely drop below £100 as we see more Celebrations products released.

Pokemon Celebrations most expensive

As I wrote earlier this week, it’s incredibly refreshing to have a new Pokemon TCG set that is easy to complete, not too expensive, and fun to open. The prices of these cards from Pokemon TCG: Celebrations don’t matter in my opinion as the set itself thrives as a product, far greater than the sum of its parts.

John-Anthony Disotto – Editor-in-Chief

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