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Pokemon TCG – Crown Zenith products update

Like the Pokemon GO TCG set that was released back in July, Crown Zenith products will have a staggered release, with several products releasing in blocks each month following the main set release. The first products will release alongside the main set on January 20th, which will be a V Box and an Elite Trainer Box featuring Lucario, although product images have not been shared yet.  On February 17th, three more products will be released, this includes a Crown Zenith VMAX Box, which will come with five booster packs, a V promo and a VMAX card. The next products are Pin Collections, which will have three boosters, a promo card, and a pin. The final product released in February will be a number of Mini Tins that will come with two boosters and a sticker sheet. It is likely that more products will release in March also, which will overlap with the release of the first Scarlet & Violet set and products. 

Crown Zenith, releasing on January 20th in most regions, will include cards that didn’t make it into the English game from recent Japanese sets. Crown Zenith will be the final SWSH English set before we move into the Scarlet & Violet era of the TCG.  Scarlet & Violet will see the return of the ex mechanic, which first debuted in 2003’s Ruby & Sapphire era of the TCG. Two new rarities, AR and SAR rares, will be introduced in the Japanese VSTAR Universe, with the same cards expected in Crown Zenith. 

Crown Zenith products
Image: VSTAR Universe pack art & AR & SAR rares

Before Crown Zenith releases, fans of the Pokemon TCG can look forward to Silver Tempest, releasing on November 11th. To check out the full set list of the upcoming set and the recently released Paradigm Trigger booster which many of the Silver Tempest cards come from, check out the links below – 

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New Paradigm Trigger products heading to the Pokemon Center

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