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Pokemon TCG Evolving Skies – All secret rares revealed!

The full list of secret rares from the upcoming Pokemon TCG Evolving Skies expansion have appeared on social media. These images showcase all of the upcoming secret rares including alternate arts and gold cards.

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The images appear to show an Elite Trainer Box Player’s Guide in French with cards from Eevee Heroes and Blue Sky Stream/ SkyScraping Perfect. From the images, there are huge omissions from the Eeveelution V full art cards where Flareon and Vaporeon V are missing completely from the setlist. These cards will likely be some form of promo with a collection box for the set. 

These Evolving Skies secret rare images also showcase the VMAX Alternate Art Rayquaza we revealed yesterday on Instagram with a little bit more colour than our original images. Originally there was speculation that Rayquaza would be shiny, this does not appear to be the case.

Whilst removing secret rares in the transition from Japanese to English is expected, the lack of some Eeveelution V full arts, especially when the Elite Trainer Boxes are focused around them, seems a little bit odd. We’ll have to see what cards make it into the English Pokemon TCG as promos.

We’ll continue to update this article as information appears online.

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