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Fusion Arts Pokemon

Friday saw the release of Fusion Arts in Japan, the newest Pokemon TCG expansion focused around a new Fusion mechanic and everyone’s favourite mythical Pokemon, Mew. In this article, we’re going to look at the top 5 cards to collect from the set and what to look forward to when its English counterpart, Fusion Strike releases in November.

Before we start this list of our top 5 Pokemon cards from Fusion Arts there may be some omissions of your favourite cards from the set. If so, let us know what your chase card is and why?


Whilst Alternate Art Mew will be the most expensive card from the set it doesn’t make it into our top 5. I’m a massive fan of Akira Egawa and their work with city skylines in the background is second to none. That being said, there’s just something about the way Mew is drawn in this card that screams regular VMAX. I think we’ve been spoiled with awesome regular VMAX cards in Evolving Skies which almost takes away from this Alternate Art Mew VMAX with buses flying around in the sky. As a huge Mew fan, I think that there are far better Mew cards in this set.

Fusion Arts Pokemon

5: Mew V Alternate Art

In our fifth spot is Naoki Saito’s Mew V which comes in their usual cartoon style that makes them one of the most popular TCG artists. Mew can be seen floating alongside Toxel, Toxtricity, Dreepy, Smeargle, and Hoopa’s foot. I’m a big fan of the artwork here, although the amount of Pokemon does take away from Mew’s centre stage. It will be interesting to see what this card looks like in person with texture and shine.

Fusion Arts Pokemon

4: Mew V Full Art

Capturing a cosmos behind Mew in a full art card is a lovely homage to the original Pokemon in the TV show’s intro credits. With the gold Mew full art coming in Pokemon TCG: Celebrations this is a fantastic card to go alongside. The contrast between Mew’s pink colour and light blue background makes this one of the best V full arts we’ve seen since Pikachu V in Vivid Voltage back in November of last year.

Fusion Arts Pokemon

3: Greedent V Alternate Art

Take everything that made Tyranitar’s Alternate Art card from Battle Styles great and then makes it better with a chubby chipmunk being carried by baby chipmunks – what’s there not to love? This could be higher in the list but the top two cards from this set are personal favourites. Saya Tsuruta has been providing artwork for Pokemon TCG since 2007 and this could be their best yet.

2: Gold Flaaffy

Another fantastic gold card, this time it’s a sheep. Flaafy is one of my favourite common cards from Evolving Skies thanks to a beautiful design by Okacheke. Now for any Flaaffy collector out there you’ve got another beauty to add to your collection. What is there not to like? A gold card with a pink sheep on it that evolves into one of generation 2’s best electric Pokemon!

1: Mew VMAX Rainbow

Rainbow rares suck, we’ve talked about them extensively in the past and quite frankly since Chunkychu from Vivid Voltage there hasn’t been any traction for the rainbow VMAX cards. That being said, in a period where Mew is getting all the love with gold cards, alternate arts, full arts and new regular holos this card somehow stands out. I’m a huge fan of gen 1 VMAX Pokemon and this card is the perfect companion for your Rainbow Chu. I can’t wait to collect every Mew card from this set and Pokemon TCG: Celebrations as we get closer to 2022!

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