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Pokemon TCG Fusion Strike – All secret rares revealed including Espeon VMAX!

Fusion Strike Secret Rares

The full list of secret rares from the upcoming Pokemon TCG: Fusion Strike expansion have appeared on social media. These images showcase all of the upcoming secret rares including alternate arts and gold cards.

Read about our top picks from Fusion Arts which will have cards included in Fusion Strike here.

The images appear to show an Elite Trainer Box Player’s Guide with cards from Fusion Arts alongside Alternate Art cards from exclusive Japanese products such as Espeon VMAX. With the confirmation of Espeon VMAX coming to the English TCG, this now means that all Eeveelution VMAX Alternate Art cards will be available for English collectors before 2021 comes to a close. We discussed this in depth here.

These Fusion Strike secret rare images also showcase the VMAX Alternate Art Gengar and Inteleon from Japan’s High Class Deck that released earlier this year. 

One of the biggest surprises comes in the form of Celebi V and Sandaconda V Alternate Arts which were promotional cards released alongside Silver Lance and Jet Black Spirit in April of this year. These cards seem obvious with Fusion Strike acting as a way of releasing omissions from Pokemon’s Japanese sets from 2021. This has led to Fusion Strike eclipsing Cosmic Eclipse as the largest Pokemon TCG set of all time. 

Adding Espeon VMAX and Gengar VMAX to an expansion that already included Mew VMAX is incredibly exciting for Pokemon collectors as Fusion Strike looks to continue on from the stellar Pokemon TCG releases of 2021.

We want to know, do these additions make this set a must buy or will you be giving your wallet a break in the build up to Pokemon Legends: Arceus and a huge 2022 for Pokemon TCG?

We’ll continue to update this article as information appears online.

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