Pokemon TCG – Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Pokemon Gift Guide 2021

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. If you’re looking at this guide then you’re probably on the search for some gifting tips for your friend, family member, a partner who loves Pokemon cards – luckily for you, you’ve found the right place! This Pokemon TCG Holiday Gift Guide will give you ideas to gift your loved ones great presents that will have them jumping for joy like a Hoppip on a spring afternoon (Hopip is a type of Pokemon by the way).

The great thing about Pokemon cards is that there’s honestly a gift for every budget ranging from a few dollars to the astronomical prices you sometimes see in the news (I doubt anyone receives a $400,000 1st Edition Charizard for Christmas). If you’re looking for something on the lower end, say for a secret Santa gift, then we’ve got you covered in our 2021 Pokemon card gift guide as well as those that want to spend a little bit more!

What’s that Pokemon? 

A great budget-friendly option for anyone looking to buy someone that little personalised Pokemon TCG gift is to scout out the name of their favourite Pokemon and go bargain hunting on eBay. The great thing about picking a Pokemon (let’s use Snorlax as an example) is the wide variety of price ranges and different art styles available across the 20 plus years of deep Pokemon history. Do you know what year they started collecting or playing? How about their favourite childhood card? Buying a few cards and gifting them in a card or a personalised mystery box alongside a booster pack or two is a thoughtful present that should make any Pokemon TCG collector smile.

One thing to note with buying cards on eBay is the condition of the card, make sure to look at the images carefully and don’t hesitate to ask for more! Delivery times can vary massively this time of year so keep that in mind as well. 

Top tip: If you’re looking for a specific Pokemon card or want some help then head on over to Facebook and join Pokemon TCG groups (Virbank City, Pokemon Cards (UK) etc). On these groups you’ll find loads of individuals happy to help with your quest to find the perfect present. 

Newest Pokemon sets

If you’re looking for a great gift for your kids this Christmas after they’ve been hassling you all year for some booster packs to open, then look no further than some of the recent Pokemon TCG expansions. 

If the person likes to play against other players we recommend picking up some Fusion Strike packs as they have some great competitive cards like Genesect V in their setlist. Like all the modern-day Pokemon TCG booster packs they’ll set you back around $5 a pack or $13 for three in a blister with a promo card. If you’re looking for a slightly larger gift then Elite Trainer Boxes are great as they include everything you need to play including deck sleeves, play counters, packs and set guides all in a nice collectable box ($49.99 MSRP).

For collectors and that person that loved Pokemon cards growing up then Celebrations is the way to go. Pokemon TCG: Celebrations is the 25th Anniversary Pokemon TCG set with reprints of cards that we all loved as kids like Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise from Base Set. Like all booster packs, there’s no guarantee of packing something awesome but if you gift someone a pack with Charizard inside I’m sure they’ll be ecstatic. The nice thing about Celebrations is that they come in different Collection Boxes, one of our favourites being the Lance’s Charizard box or tin ($19.99 MSRP).

Another option is finding a VMAX Climax booster box from Japan (this will set you back anywhere between $70 and $100). This new Japanese expansion is one of the best modern Pokemon sets of all time filled with fun cards and a guaranteed hit in every pack. Something that would be appreciated by any Pokemon TCG fan and slightly niche as they can’t be found in your local supermarket. 

If you’re looking for a bigger present and want to have a fun Pokemon card opening event on Christmas morning an Evolving Skies booster box will make a Pokemon fan’s day. Evolving Skies is filled with Eeveelutions and Rayquaza with some genuinely incredible cards available in the box. Booster boxes include 36 packs and retail for around $140. 

For the high-end collector

If you want to splash the cash for your collector partner for example then there are plenty of options to find that one special gift to make their Christmas. With this category, there are so many factors that come into play so we’d start by sniffing around their collection to find out what their goals are or what product they want to buy next.

Some great options of modern collector products are the highly elusive 25th Anniversary Ultra Premium Collection which has sporadic restocks across the US in places like Target. If you’re not lucky enough to pick one up for MSRP ($150) then the aftermarket can burn a little with boxes selling for double the price due to the in-demand promo cards and metal Base Set Charizard/Pikachu.

If you’re looking to spend over $150 then we love the idea of a curated mystery box with newer items like the packs we’ve mentioned alongside a graded card or two that helps them get closer to that next collection milestone. This is where Facebook groups are a key resource and like we mentioned earlier your go-to spot for finding out information, getting a good deal, and making sure that the cards you’re buying aren’t fake or particularly damaged.

If you have any questions regarding your Christmas gift hunt be sure to follow us on Instagram or Facebook.

Here’s to a fantastic Christmas morning filled with Pokemon cards and Last Christmas by Wham!.


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