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Pokemon TCG Illustration Contest 2022 – Our top 5 Greninjas

Illustration Contest 2022 Greninja

The top 300 cards from 2022’s Pokemon TCG Illustration Contest have officially been revealed! As we hold our bated breath to see this year’s finalists, Ludkins Media will take a look and highlight our top five favourite artworks for each Pokemon category. In this next article, we’re going to take a look at one of Generation 6’s most popular starters, Greninja.

To see all 300 artworks and all 28 Greninja artworks click this link.

Disclaimer: These five artworks are in no particular order. Due to the nature of an artwork contest, the selections are subjective. Let us know your favourite Greninja from the shortlist in the comments section of wherever you’re reading this article.

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This peaceful artwork by 184 captures Greninja in a peaceful habitat, somewhat different from the usual dark ninja vibes of the Pokemon. Alongside a playful Froakie and another Greninja, the painted digital style speaks for itself. 

Illustration Contest 2022 Pikachu

Diego Lozano

Another pensive looking Greninja artwork but this time the artist uses pen work to create a softer style that feels easy on the eye. This lonesome Greninja has no other Pokemon in sight which feels like an ode to its loner mentality. 

Illustration Contest 2022 Greninja

Melissa Pierce

This unique origami-style by Melissa Pierce is reminiscent of Paper Mario on Nintendo Switch. Using a mix of blues, purples, and pinks the card art would look perfect alongside English Pokemon TCG’s yellow borders.

Illustration Contest 2022 Greninja


A personal favourite, this canvas style Greninja has the Pokemon hanging out on a tree-like Huckleberry Finn with a cute Blitzle in the background. Any Pokemon TCG artworks that look like something from the past is a winner and that’s why this one of the best Pokemon TCG Illustration Contest 2022 shortlisted Greninjas.

Illustration Contest 2022 Greninja


Yamaguchi Biru’s Greninja shows the Pokemon floating with its head above water alongside Cutiefly, Froakie, and Ludicolo. This is one of the most unique of the entries and it’s a joy to think of these Pokemon hanging out together in their natural habitat!

We want to know your favourite Greninja artwork from the 28 Pokemon Illustration Contest 2022 shortlisted candidates. Stay tuned for more top 5’s from the stellar 300 entries remaining. Who will win the whole thing?

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John-Anthony Disotto – Ludkins Media Editor-in-Chief

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