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Pokemon TCG – Kleavor VSTAR Premium Collection

While Pokemon Legends: Arceus gave us several new Hisuian Pokemon forms, we were also treated to a brand new species in the form of Kleavor, another evolution of Kanto classic Scyther. To celebrate this new form, the Pokemon company are releasing a special VSTAR collection which will be incredibly similar to the Lucario VSTAR Premium Collection releasing on April 8th. 

On May 25th, a special VSTAR premium Collection will hit shelves, offering players several items focusing on the newest slashing bug and rock type Pokemon. This collection will come with Kleavor VSTAR and Kleavor V as foil promo cards, as well as an oversized card. A glossy enamel pin and a shiny coin will also come with this set, as well as six booster packs, 1 acrylic VSTAR marker and a Pokemon TCG Live code. This is the first time we have seen Keavor as a V and VSTAR within the Pokemon TCG, with the Japanese version yet to be seen.

Kleavor VSTAR Premium Collection

The Lucario VSTAR Premium Collection will release on April 8th, a month before the Kleavor Premium Collection. This set will include the same contents as the Kleavor collection, only with Lucario being the focus of the VMAX, V and jumbo cards, as well as the etched pin and metallic coin. Both sets will cost around $39.99.

Kleavor VSTAR Premium Collection

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