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Pokemon TCG – Latest PWCC auction sales

Over the weekend, a number of notable and impressive sales were made through the PWCC auction website, which oversees most sales of the rarest and most valuable cards in the Pokemon TCG. The sales on the weekend saw some iconic fan favourite graded cards sell for eyewatering amounts due to their high grades and the age of the sets. 

Note – This article was written on October 17th 2022 and refers to the PWCC auctions that ended on October 16th 2022. The payment status between the buyers and sellers are currently unknown to us.

PSA 10 – 2002 Mysterious Mountains 1st Ed Crystal Charizard

Sale Price: $40,800

The Japanese set that would become the English Skyridge booster was Mysterious Mountains. The cards of Mysterious Mountains were printed on the same cardstock but had a slightly different colour palette that made this set stand out against those that came before it. This iconic card deservedly ranks among the top chase cards of the game for its rarity, artwork, the set it came from and the interesting history of the Crystal cards. As this set is the last to release Crystal Pokemon cards, this PSA 10 1st Ed Crystal Charizard achieved the highest sale of the weekend.

Pokemon TCG PWCC

PSA 10 – 1st Ed Base Set Blastoise 

Sale Price: $38,400

One of the ‘Big 3’ of the Base Set Pokemon TCG set, and one of the iconic original starters of the franchise, it’s no surprise that the 1st Ed Base Set Blastoise has become one of the most valuable PSA 10s on the market. The artwork of this card is just another example of Ken Sugimori’s incredible artwork, which mirrors the iconic style that featured on the box art of Pokemon Blue, which was released outside of Japan in 1998. Out of the 2,400 PSA submissions of the 1st Ed Base Set Blastoise, only 100 have achieved PSA 10s.

Pokemon TCG PWCC

BGS 8.5 Base Set Shadowless 1st Ed Charizard (Thin Stamp Holo)

Sale Price: $15,000

BGS 8 Base Set Shadowless 1st Ed Charizard (Thick Stamp Holo)

Sale Price: $6,900

The Base Set Charizard is one of the most iconic and known cards in the entire Pokemon TCG, being the first big chase card of the game. This card was illustrated by Pokemon TCG legend Mitsuhiro Arita, who still works on the game to this day. The age and rarity of this card, which is believed to have had a 10-to-one print run of unlimited copies compared to 1st Ed copies, makes this card the holy grail more many collectors. Comparing the prices of the two sales, it’s interesting to see the difference between a thin and thick stamp holo, as well as the 0.5-grade difference. 

Pokemon TCG PWCC

PSA 10 – 2001 Neo Revelation 1st Ed Entei 

Sale Price: $8,400

Entei is another Pokemon which achieved fan favourite status among those growing up in the Gold and Silver era of the Pokemon franchise. This series saw the first injection of new Pokemon, which at the time, was incredibly exciting. The Pokemon TCG set, Neo Revelation, saw this new batch of pocket monsters enter the game, with this Entei card becoming one of the most sought-after. Because of the difficulty in grading this card, PSA 10s are hard to come by. In fact, there are only 38 PSA 10 copies in the registry at the time of writing this article, which merits the price achieved over the weekend. 

PSA 10 – 2001 Neo Revelation 1st Ed Raikou

Sale Price: $8,400

Just like Entei, Raikou shot to popularity among Pokemon fans for its debut in the Pokemon Gold and Silver video game series and feature in the third Pokemon movie. This speckled holo is also incredibly difficult to achieve a high grade, as there were many issues in the manufacturer of the Neo Revelation set, including print lines, card cutting and scratching. As of writing this article, there are only 34 PSA 10s in the population.

PSA 10 – 2004 EX Team Rocket Return Mudkip (Gold Star)

Sale Price: $7,800

Gold Stars were first introduced in the EX Team Rocket Return, which are cards that had an incredibly low pull rate of one per every two boxes. These cards showed the shiny variations of Pokemon, which are also incredibly hard to find in the Pokemon video games.  One of the most sought-after cards from the under-printed EX Team Rocket Return set is Mudkip, which only has 39 PSA 10 registered. 

Pokemon TCG PWCC

PSA 9 – 2003 Skyridge Crystal Charizard

Sale Price: $5,520

Crystal Pokemon, which had alternate energy types, were only released in the last sets released by Wizards of the Coast, Aquapolis and Skyridge. This makes these types of Pokemon very limited, compared to other types of cards in the game. Since the base set of the game, Charizard has always been one of the top fan favourites, which makes any high rarity zard highly sought after by collectors. One such card is this fantastic Crystal Charizard illustrated by Kouki Saitou, which is highlighted by the iridescent holographic cardstock. 

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Mathew Parkes – Ludkins Media Editor-in-Chief

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