Pokemon TCG – Looking back at the Roaring Skies

Pokemon Roaring Skies

With just over three weeks until the release of Pokemon TCG’s latest set: Evolving Skies, we thought we’d pop into a time machine and head on back to May 6th 2015 when its older sibling, XY: Roaring Skies hit the shelves.

Back in 2015, the Pokemon TCG stratosphere was very different to the way it is now. There were no Pokemon GO booms, no 20th Anniversary sets, no Logan Paul, and no half a million-dollar Pokemon cards. Back then, cards were readily available from your local stores and scalpers didn’t give two cents about packs with Mega Rayquaza on them.

Fast forward six years and things are much different. Roaring Skies Booster boxes sell for around $400, not insanely expensive but a definite increase on its initial MSRP, and its successor Evolving Skies is about to hit the market powered by some of the greatest alternate art cards we’ve seen to this day. Roaring Skies is a fairly overlooked set, yet has some awesome cards beyond the six versions of its mascot, Rayquaza.

The main chase card for XY: Roaring Skies is Mega Rayquaza EX full art which recently sold for $610 in a PSA 10 on PWCC Auctions. This card currently has 62 PSA 10s in existence, however, like all of these cards mentioned in this article could see a substantial increase in population once the PSA bulk backlog begins to release back into the world.

Roaring Skies Pokemon

Surprisingly, it’s the other Secret Rare Rayquaza that is the most expensive card from Roaring Skies. The Full Art Rayquaza EX which is arguably the more beautiful of the two chase variants of the legendary Pokemon recently sold for $1260 on PWCC Auctions back in June. With only 20 PSA 10s in circulation, this textured Full Art shows Rayquaza’s full snake-like body with a gold outline to match and could very well be the best Rayquaza artwork we’ve seen in modern times.

Roaring Skies Pokemon

There are other standout Pokemon from the set in the form of Shaymin EX and Latios EX, both tying into the flying theme of the set and amongst some of the best Full Art EX cards of the XY era.

Last but not least, we can’t write about XY: Roaring Skies without mentioning the Full Art Trainer cards. Wally and Winona are some of the most beloved characters from the Hoenn region and with Roaring Skies tying into the launch of Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire they are the perfect fit to tie the whole set together. Nowadays, with the rising popularity of Trainer cards, especially Waifu cards, PSA 10 Winona cards fetch in the region of $350 due to the character’s popularity and small population on PSA’s registry.

As we mentioned previously, with a lot of these modern sets from the last five or so years the prices and population reports must be taken with a pinch of salt. If in the last 12 months, a lot of these cards have been submitted to PSA and if they currently sit in a warehouse somewhere in California, then the population reports are likely to rise impacting the price and increasing our ability to look at sales figures when analysing prices.

There’s a lot to get excited about with the release of Evolving Skies on August 27th, let’s just make sure we don’t take for granted its predecessor, Roaring Skies, a Pokemon TCG gem of the last few years.

You can check out all of the Secret Rares from Evolving Skies here.

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