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Pokemon TCG –  Mainland China release date and first cards

Earlier this week, Pokemon TCG sets releasing in Mainland China with simplified Chinese was announced. This increases the vast catalogue of languages the TCG now covers to 12. The news was announced on the official Chinese Pokemon Website, which showed details of a press conference being held on September 28th on the Bilibili video app. Now, the first three sets have been announced, which will be called Sun & Moon: Crossing the Sky. With the previously released traditional Chinese version released in Taiwan and Hong Kong in 2019, sets were released at such a rate, that they managed to catch up with the Japanese releases in just over a year. This is likely the plan with the Mainland sets. 

The Mainland China set will release on October 28th, with all three sets including 151 cards in each one. The sets will have a 5-card booster pack option and a 25-card booster pack option. The 5-pack will cost 10 yuan and the 25-pack will cost 50 yuan, with the 25-pack having a guaranteed holo. The 5-pack booster boxes will cost 300 yuan and the 25-pack will cost 1200 yuan. These options will make the game more accessible to everyone wanting to play and collect the TCG, regardless of the expendable income they have. 

Pokemon TCG China

 Because of censorship in China, several Pokemon names will be changed in the TCG so that they can be included. Some Pokemon may not make an appearance at all if they are deemed culturally inappropriate or have religious references. Because of the strict gaming rules for children in China, there may not be an organised play system coming to mainland China anytime soon, as we see in many other countries. 

Pokemon TCG China
Pokemon TCG China
Pokemon TCG China
Pokemon TCG China

This expansion is a testament to how popular the Pokemon franchise still is, despite its 25-year reign, and reinforces the Pokemon TCG’s position as the leading global TCG. Do you think it’s a good thing to see the Pokemon TCG expand into other languages? 

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