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Pokemon TCG Market Report: April 2021

Pokemon TCG Market

The Pokemon TCG market is dynamic and ever-changing. However, monthly events like PWCC auction blocks give a strong insight into how the market is behaving currently. After April’s block was split into two nights, one featuring 1999-2000 cards and the other featuring 2001-current cards, there is much to analyze about the direction of the market.

Disclaimer: Ludkins Media is a media outlet aimed at providing the most up-to-date TCG news. This is the opinion of one of our writers reflecting on the current market trends in Pokemon TCG.

The splitting of the block into two nights was fitting, as two trends emerged which differed across each night. The 1999-2000 cards largely decreased in price, while cards after 2001, especially cards in the EX Series and beyond, continued to increase in price. The decrease in prices was especially clear with 1st Edition Base Set. A non-PWCC auction for a PSA 10 1st Edition Charizard ended for $250,000, over $60,000 less than the past sold price. Decreases were mirrored across many 1st Edition Base Set Holos and no new record prices were set. Two PWCC auctions for Zapdos sold for $6,850 and $7,777, well below a high of $12,000 in February and below the $10,000 the card was selling for in December of 2020.

Pokemon TCG Market

These are a few specific examples of the trend, but many cards in the WOTC era experienced price decreases. While 1st Edition Base Set is by far the most popular Pokemon TCG set, the amount of PSA 10s on the market has been unusually high during this period. It seems like the “supply” side of supply and demand is making its presence known. Furthermore, the market looks to be settling into a more stable period, with prices down from their all-time highs but still massively increased from years previously. 

However, one must avoid painting the market with a broad brush. At the same time that 1999-2000 cards are decreasing slightly in value, the bull run appears to be losing no steam when it comes to more modern cards, especially Japanese cards. A Japanese 1st Edition Rayquaza Gold Star in PSA 10 sold for a record $15,300, while an English PSA 10 copy sold for $40,400. A PSA 10 Japanese Gold Star Charizard hit a record $8,600, while a very rare English PSA 10 Secret Wonders Charizard also sold for a record, this time at $7,655. Again, while these are just several specific examples, the trend of more modern cards with lower supply continuing to increase is mirrored across many classes of cards. This indicates that while excitement for Pokemon cards is certainly not decreasing, it is shifting to other areas. 

Pokemon TCG Market

While some collectors have been quick to point out individualized reasons for why they believe older cards are decreasing in value (such as condition variance) the trend is clear. Older cards, especially the coveted 1st Edition Base Set, are decreasing in value. Pokemon TCG is a volatile market, and even the rarest set cards in the highest grade do not continually go up in value. Collectors need to be aware of this and avoid making rash purchasing decisions in pursuit of monetary gains. This being said, the continued price increase with other cards indicates no serious concerns about Pokemon’s long-term status as a collecting powerhouse. 

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