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Pokemon TCG – McDonald’s 2022 full set list

Last week we reported that another McDonald’s set is heading to the Pokemon TCG. Well, we now have the full card list for the 2022 set, revealing that all the cards will be reprints and will have a foil and non-foil version. 

There will be 15 individual cards to collect in the Pokemon McDonald’s 2022 set, which makes it 30 cards in total with both the foil and non-foil versions. Also, like last year, each booster pack will contain four cards, with one guaranteed to be a foil. This year’s promotion has changed somewhat, as those buying Happy Meals will also get a TCG coin, with the design rotating from week to week, and a collectable spinner toy that will be completely different each week of the promotion.  

(Please note that the cards below will make up the McDonald’s 2022 set, although the numbering will change to reflect the promotion).

The Pokemon McDonald’s 2022 set promotion will take place between August 9th and September 26th in the US. For the UK, it is likely that the dates will be similar, although the Paddington Bear promotion ends on August 2nd, which could mean the Pokemon TCG campaign could begin a little sooner unless another toy is planned to fill the gap. 

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