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Pokemon TCG – new Battle Box and VSTAR Premium Collections

The new Battle Box has been announced for the Pokemon TCG, injecting an entirely new product that will be different to the previous Build & Battle Boxes, which are usually released around the prerelease of a set, and the Build & Battle Stadiums. These previous boxes are designed to let players dive right into the action, providing cards that a group of friends can construct into fun decks.Three promo cards, four booster packs, a jumbo card, an upgrade sheet, a VSTAR marker and an online code card will be included in the Pokemon TCG Battle Box. This set will cost around $35 and will release sometime between October and November. 

Pokemon Battle Box
Sword & Shield-Fusion Strike Build & Battle Stadium – Nov 2021

A new V Box is also heading to the Pokemon TCG, with the Pokemon focus yet to be shared by the Pokemon Company. Three new tins are also coming this fall that will be similar to the V Heroes Tins that were released back in April. 

Pokemon Battle Box
Kleavor VSTAR, & V Heroes Tins – April 2022

Two new VSTAR Premium Collections will release this fall also, which will come with a Pokemon V card, a VSTAR promo card, a jumbo version of a VSTAR card, a VSTAR marker, a coin, a pin and the usual online code card. Like the Kleavor VSTAR Premium Collection we also got in April, it will cost around $40. 

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